The CSG was founded by Dani Riler and Lzero Fallen. The CSG was birthed from the Separatist Confederation.

Separatist Confederation

In the beginning Dani Riler produced the CFK of BK to protect citizens rights he then allied with Shock Trooper Union and the separatist confederation was officially created.

Movement of the SC


Dani Riler as the inspiration behind the movement after he has defaced the flag of ASR in a sign of rebellion, hatred, and freedom.

Formal History

During August of 2009 Dani Riler created the Separatist Confederation. Dedicated to making standards, alliances, and a common military. The original separatist were dedicated to destroying ASR and large groups. By January of 2010 Riler has revised the Separatist so vastly that it was forced to be called a new name. And it was named The Confederacy of Standard and Peace

The Confederacy of Standards Peace and Military

With the arrival of the war with Praetos, Riler decided that he was to change the title to a more peaceful name. And after Code Black was declared in his group he though of changing the government too. But these changes would have to take a while before they were enforced.



After a partially-successful attack by ASR on March 5th 2010 on the CFK of BK. Riler Ejected all of his citizens to preserve the group. He reclaimed it and invited his old most favourable troops and declared the alliance with Silver Fang. He finished making new weapons and began the group over again.

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