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Praetos Quotes

praetos training attack

[2009/12/18 14:56] zziillyy Giant: Hey guys[2009/12/18 14:56] zziillyy Giant: im new[2009/12/18 14:56] zziillyy Giant: wheres our base?[2009/12/18 14:56] Roxes Drascol: hi[2009/12/18 14:56] zziillyy Giant: Can i get like a landmark[2009/12/18 14:56] Roxes Drascol: im not going back there[2009/12/18 14:56] zziillyy Giant: or something?[2009/12/18 14:57] Roxes Drascol: its gay dont go[2009/12/18 14:57] Roxes Drascol: fuck wars[2009/12/18 14:57] zziillyy Giant: Dani told me[2009/12/18 14:57] zziillyy Giant: to go back to the base[2009/12/18 14:57] zziillyy Giant: DO you know what sim its in[2009/12/18 15:00] Lzero Fallen: hi[2009/12/18 15:00] Lzero Fallen: hi[2009/12/18 15:00] Lzero Fallen: i am dani riler[2009/12/18 15:01] zziillyy Giant: THIS IS A MESSAGE[2009/12/18 15:01] zziillyy Giant: TO ALL OF CFK[2009/12/18 15:01] Lzero Fallen: hi troops[2009/12/18 15:01] Lzero Fallen: i am dani riler[2009/12/18 15:01] Lzero Fallen: i am in my friends acount[2009/12/18 15:01] zziillyy Giant: PRAETOS WILL BE ATTACKING YOU MOMENTARILY UNDER STANDARD RULES OF ENGAGEMENT[2009/12/18 15:02] zziillyy Giant: AND IF YOU BREAK THESE RULES IT WILL BE AN AUTOMATIC VICTORY[2009/12/18 15:02] Lzero Fallen: ok cool[2009/12/18 15:02] Lzero Fallen: but you forgot something[2009/12/18 15:02] Lzero Fallen: we have no land[2009/12/18 15:02] Lzero Fallen: hahahahahaha[2009/12/18 15:02] Lzero Fallen: praetos cant attck us[2009/12/18 15:02] zziillyy Giant: YOU HAVE NO LAND.[2009/12/18 15:03] Lzero Fallen: yes read the fucking sighn man we are a guerilla power hahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha[2009/12/18 15:03] zziillyy Giant: 15:03] Lzero Fallen: yes read the fucking sighn man we are a guerilla power hahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha[2009/12/18 15:03] zziillyy Giant: ...[2009/12/18 15:04] Lzero Fallen: i know you are in praetos[2009/12/18 15:04] Lzero Fallen: so quit them[2009/12/18 15:04] zziillyy Giant: THEN ATTACK US[2009/12/18 15:04] zziillyy Giant: AND IF YOU WIN[2009/12/18 15:04] Lzero Fallen: first thing[2009/12/18 15:04] zziillyy Giant: WITH THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT AND IT WILL BE A VICTORY FOR YOU[2009/12/18 15:04] Lzero Fallen: i am dani rier in Lzeros acount[2009/12/18 15:05] Lzero Fallen: lzeros avatar cant jump as high as[2009/12/18 15:05] Lzero Fallen: me dani riler[2009/12/18 15:05] Lzero Fallen: so wait[2009/12/18 15:05] Lzero Fallen: maybe you could earn some dignity[2009/12/18 15:05] Lzero Fallen: and help me[2009/12/28 14:23] Lzero Fallen: hi[2009/12/28 14:23] Lzero Fallen: who is here[2009/12/28 14:23] Maxx Naire: hi[2009/12/28 14:23] Lzero Fallen: ok[2009/12/28 14:23] Lzero Fallen: maxx[2009/12/28 14:23] Maxx Naire: yes[2009/12/28 14:24] Lzero Fallen: send[2009/12/28 14:24] Lzero Fallen: the gas container[2009/12/28 14:24] Lzero Fallen: me[2009/12/28 14:24] Roxes Drascol: huh?[2009/12/28 14:24] Maxx Naire: how[2009/12/28 14:25] Lzero Fallen: hi[2009/12/28 14:25] Maxx Naire: how[2009/12/28 14:25] Maxx Naire: where are yall[2009/12/28 14:25] Lzero Fallen: just search me and send[2009/12/28 14:27] Lzero Fallen: drascol[2009/12/28 14:27] Lzero Fallen: ill tp you[2009/12/28 14:27] Roxes Drascol: for?[2009/12/28 14:27] Lzero Fallen: battle[2009/12/28 14:27] Roxes Drascol: im hanging with my GF[2009/12/28 14:27] Roxes Drascol: so not now[2009/12/28 14:27] Lzero Fallen: ok[2009/12/30 9:41] Lzero Fallen: ok[2009/12/30 9:42] Lzero Fallen: are you still there[2009/12/30 9:42] tonyblack Philly: yes[2009/12/30 9:43] Lzero Fallen: ok[2009/12/30 9:43] Lzero Fallen: do you have weapons[2009/12/30 9:43] tonyblack Philly: yea[2009/12/30 9:44] tonyblack Philly: im there already im like 2000 feet up[2009/12/30 9:44] Lzero Fallen: let me tp you[2009/12/30 9:45] Lzero Fallen: did you get a CFK type weapon search your inventory[2009/12/30 9:46] Lzero Fallen: areyou still there[2009/12/30 9:47] tonyblack Philly: i got stuck in tp[2009/12/30 9:47] tonyblack Philly: ill tp you[2009/12/30 9:47] Lzero Fallen: ok[2009/12/30 9:47] Lzero Fallen: holdon[2009/12/30 9:48] Lzero Fallen: are you ready[2009/12/30 9:49] tonyblack Philly: i dont have any weopons[2009/12/30 9:49] tonyblack Philly: well[2009/12/30 9:49] tonyblack Philly: ill get stuck in tp its laggy here[2009/12/30 9:53] tonyblack Philly: they snuck up on me[2009/12/30 9:54] tonyblack Philly: we need an entire army[2009/12/30 9:54] Lzero Fallen: oh they did[2009/12/30 9:54] tonyblack Philly: yea[2009/12/30 9:55] Lzero Fallen: i shot three people before i died[2009/12/30 9:55] tonyblack Philly: haha[2009/12/30 9:55] Lzero Fallen: ok ill tp you[2009/12/30 9:55] tonyblack Philly: k[2009/12/30 9:55] tonyblack Philly: we nee more ppl[2009/12/30 9:55] Lzero Fallen: no we dont[2009/12/30 9:55] Roxes Drascol: one shot kills no one[2009/12/30 9:56] Roxes Drascol: i hate war in this game[2009/12/30 9:56] Lzero Fallen: roxes join[2009/12/30 9:56] Lzero Fallen: us in battle[2009/12/30 9:56] Roxes Drascol: cant[2009/12/30 9:56] Roxes Drascol: roxes says no[2009/12/30 9:56] Lzero Fallen: cmon[2009/12/30 9:56] Roxes Drascol: (my cat :P)[2009/12/30 9:56] Roxes Drascol: xD[2009/12/30 9:56] Lzero Fallen: we need to shove their guns up their tight ass[2009/12/30 9:56] Roxes Drascol: what the hay[2009/12/30 9:56] Roxes Drascol: sure[2009/12/30 9:57] tonyblack Philly: yay[2009/12/30 9:57] Lzero Fallen: are you coming[2009/12/30 9:57] Lzero Fallen: roxes[2009/12/30 9:57] Roxes Drascol: yes[2009/12/30 9:57] Roxes Drascol: "sure"[2009/12/30 10:03] tonyblack Philly: well[2009/12/30 10:03] tonyblack Philly: we goth farther[2009/12/30 10:03] tonyblack Philly: but[2009/12/30 10:03] tonyblack Philly: we faild[2009/12/30 10:03] tonyblack Philly: try again?[2009/12/30 10:04] Lzero Fallen: next time we go in to the tree houses[2009/12/30 10:04] Roxes Drascol: yeah[2009/12/30 10:04] Roxes Drascol: i kinda got lost[2009/12/30 10:04] tonyblack Philly: thats what i did and i shot 2 guys[2009/12/30 10:04] Roxes Drascol: i was IMing my gf[2009/12/30 10:04] Roxes Drascol: wait one shot and they die?[2009/12/30 10:04] tonyblack Philly: my gf is doing something so ima dso this til shes done[2009/12/30 10:05] Roxes Drascol: ok[2009/12/30 10:05] tonyblack Philly: yea[2009/12/30 10:05] Roxes Drascol: mines eating dinner[2009/12/30 10:05] Lzero Fallen: ok[2009/12/30 10:05] Lzero Fallen: how about this[2009/12/30 10:05] Roxes Drascol: YO I THINK I DIED![2009/12/30 10:05] Roxes Drascol: IM AT NIX![2009/12/30 10:05] Lzero Fallen: when we tp there we are to go into the tree houses and shoot them ffome above[2009/12/30 10:06] tonyblack Philly: yes[2009/12/30 10:06] tonyblack Philly: but[2009/12/30 10:06] tonyblack Philly: its hard to get there b4 bein shot at[2009/12/30 10:06] Lzero Fallen: ok they no are staregy[2009/12/30 10:06] Lzero Fallen: im watching them using my map\[2009/12/30 10:06] tonyblack Philly: i am too[2009/12/30 10:07] Lzero Fallen: we have to tp there at the same time[2009/12/30 10:07] Lzero Fallen: or it will be failure[2009/12/30 10:07] Lzero Fallen: we tested them[2009/12/30 10:07] Lzero Fallen: and i know ther esecret[2009/12/30 10:07] tonyblack Philly: we tping to the beachhead?[2009/12/30 10:07] Lzero Fallen: ok there is three[2009/12/30 10:07] tonyblack Philly: thats crasy[2009/12/30 10:08] Lzero Fallen: lets tp there in 5 secons[2009/12/30 10:08] Lzero Fallen: 1[2009/12/30 10:08] Lzero Fallen: 2[2009/12/30 10:08] Lzero Fallen: 3[2009/12/30 10:08] Lzero Fallen: 4[2009/12/30 10:08] Lzero Fallen: 5[2009/12/30 10:09] Lzero Fallen: ok we failed i give up becasue i need to make better wapons[2009/12/30 10:10] tonyblack Philly: u want me to tp u to my ship>[2009/12/30 10:10] tonyblack Philly: i building a huge ship[2009/12/30 10:10] Lzero Fallen: holdon once i switch to my main account[2009/12/30 10:11] tonyblack Philly: ok im me then[2010/01/02 14:20] Lzero Fallen: who here has land or L[2010/01/02 14:20] Brandon Dexler: i dont[2010/01/02 14:20] Diamoure Topaz: <_<[2010/01/02 14:20] Roxes Drascol: i have um........100L.......wiith another 0[2010/01/02 14:21] Diamoure Topaz: O.O[2010/01/02 14:21] Roxes Drascol: but..........its from my Gf[2010/01/02 14:21] Roxes Drascol: SO NO![2010/01/02 14:21] Lzero Fallen: who has the ability to give L or buy Land or can provid 300L by next week[2010/01/02 14:21] Diamoure Topaz: XD[2010/01/02 14:22] Roxes Drascol: umm......i could give utriple that bitch![2010/01/02 14:22] Lzero Fallen: roxes[2010/01/02 14:22] Roxes Drascol: hm?[2010/01/02 14:22] Lzero Fallen: if you can buy a piece of land[2010/01/02 14:22] Lzero Fallen: ill promote you two fold[2010/01/02 14:23] Roxes Drascol: hmmm........i wanna get paid when u go into war![2010/01/02 14:23] Lzero Fallen: holdon i have to go

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