[Abko'mmlich Zerstorung]

Originally the Underground White Talons, or [UG][WT] The group [Abko'mmlich Zerstorung] was created in May of 2008,with roots from Underground White Talons;[UG][WT] was created in June of 2007.


AZ started off as Underground White Talons or UGWT. UGWT started out as a small rebel group to destroy the UG Mercs, hence the UG. The White Talon was because Black Talon was a great ally at the time, so what better way to be more of a rebel then to mock their allies as well. Eventually UGWT moved on from the UG Mercs and focused highly on growing. They acquired land in the simulator Huntingdon and moved to the simulator Carroll with bigger land, but UGWT still keeps a 3,000 sq m plot in Huntingdon Eventually, Geeky had wanted to merge with two smaller groups, PHANTOMS of WAR and the 172nd Infantry, but then Geeky acted like he wanted all the power, so the two groups broke off, and the leaders became inactive/over 18. During this time, the Teen Resistance Movement, now Righteous Iron Fist was created. TRM declared war on many groups, and after about a month of gaining fame and infamy, lost everything and reformed as the Principality of Avantia. During this time the leader, Constanzo Barbosa (Now Fenix Hudson) wanted UGWT to merge, and have Geeky give everything to Avantia. Geeky declined, so PoA declared war on him. After a few battles, Avantia yet again reformed into the Righteous Iron Fist, and battles became less frequent. Eventually Geeky and Fenix came to a standstill, and an agreement. Everything was going good until a general, Jacob Burch, betrayed Geeky because he thought Geeky was tricking him because of a miscommuncation involving land. This started the "Annex Era". Jacob talked his way into the leader position of Army of Annex or AX, after a month. AX fought with small groups and bad strategies. Eventually, due to negotiations, Jacob Burch finally stopped and became less of a threat to UGWT. AZ has taken down 4 groups to date,and has around 75+ members.


AZ is currently with Talon,and whoever talon's with.


AZ is a home for all those that just want to fight, no need of falling under the political scum that other groups want to do. AZ is just a home for any soldier, old or young. AZ has taken on a german ranking system and gun names. The name itself,[Abko'mmlich Zerstorung], is german.


AZ has a variety of technology,from different armors to different guns. The standard gun is the [AZ]MAR45, made by Kaeman Demar,another owner. AZ also have a Credit system,named Kredits,that are in use. Kredits are used to buy different guns,armors,basically any equipment. And in the works is a L$ to Kredit converter,but will be placed out depending on a few things.

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