About The Group

Aboryum is a group of people who use scripts to rez prims that hit people very fast.

Logos are cool, mang.


Aboryum was created in 2009 by zantrua Lobo to attack armies that required an army tag to attack(no lonewolfing rule). He later expanded it to include several of his friends, and bought a small parcel of land to make a base, making it a true army. They later moved between several sims before finally settling down in the sim Partyzone.

Pretty cool guize.


Aboryum is currently blocaded by the following groups

  1. Grim Troops(Removed)
  2. RAID(Removed)
  3. Vanguard
  4. CATI

Aboryum currently blocades the following groups

  1. No one. Blocades are stupid.


Aboryum has a history of having technologies that others do not, including their tracking HUD and variable gravity combat arena. Aboryum's first gun, the Unnatural Selector, was at the time one of the fastest firing rate guns available on the Grid, and the newer guns such as the UMP and Spam Cannon continue the tradition of having high rez-rate low lag weapons. The official rule is that no item released to people will have a script time above fifty microseconds, and in fact, their highest script time item is only ~25us.

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