The About Land window is an SL UI element with 6 tabs:



This tab has the parcel name, which is the text that will display in Search. The description is used by the search engine to index parcels, and tell residents what is present in the parcel.

The owner field is the owner of record for the parcel, which can be a resident or a group. The next field is set to (Group Owned) for land which is owned by a group, or to a group for land owned by a resident account. Setting the group for land allows the owner to give permissions to other residents on the land, through both the land dialog box and through group roles.

The next check box and button are the means by which land is transfered to a group from a resident, first by checking "Allow Deed to Group" and then by pressing the button. This is a one way process, and to return the land to the control of a resident, it must be sold. This means that it is important to make sure that when selling land back to a resident, that the group ability on receiving money be set to only the correct roles, or money will be divided among other residents.

The next check box item refers to tier. Only residents can have tier to allocate to hold mainland, for groups to own land, some resident must donate tier. This check box means that when the land is transfered, a similar amount of tier is given to the group to support the land, otherwise the group must have enough land credits, or deeding will fail.



SL 1.10 "About Land" window - "Media" tab



SL 1.10 "About Land" window - "Objects" tab



SL 1.10 "About Land" window - "General" tab



SL 1.10 "About Land" window - "Access" tab



SL 1.10 "About Land" window - "Ban" tab

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