There's a numerous ways to promote your SL business without paying a cent. Here some advices how to advertise for free (or almost for free):

In-world activity

  • Put landmarks in with the items you sell. Referrals are a big and FREE way to gain loyal customers.
  • Make an update or support group. Loyal customers will want to know when you put out something new, run an exclusive sale or make special offers.
  • Make sure your parcel is listed in SL Search. Actually it's not free, but can be considered as a free service because of a tiny fee.

Web activity

As 100% of your customers use internet, it's required to put as much as possible information about your goods and services all over net.

  • Create your own blog. It doesn't matter where you create it, using the popular blog engine or specialized one, like SL Universe
  • Check out all the blogs for who you should send items to to get reviewed. Most times you just drop a notecard with your info and some items on this person and they will find good things to say or politely pass if they can't. Tons of people with lindens burning holes in their pockets read these reviews and are looking for high quality things that they MUST buy.
  • Register your business in SL Business Directory, a free listing of Second Life business. This project provides a lot of advertising services which will be useful for all business owners. Upload images, provide the description of your business. This will boost your popularity in Google as well.

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