Agares Tretiak is the current commander of the Praetorian Guard, the Lord Praefectus, in service to the Ordo Imperialis. His career in the Ordo has almost entirely comprised of his time within a single branch, the Praetorian Guard. Notorious for a lack of a sense of humor and staying mostly in the background, as well as having an unusually tall avatar.

Agares Tretiak, Lord Praefectus


He first became aware of the Ordo Imperialis during its resuregence during "Black November", assisting the Ordo in a minor role, until he offered to construct a new version of Titan for the Ordo. He went on to build two incarnations of Ordo Imperialis simulator "Titan", the "bombed out village" sim and the "Imperial City" sim (which is also known as the "campus" sim).

After completing the first sim, he was inducted into the Ordo as a Schola Cadet, before moving on to become a full member upon completing basic training. Formerly an E-3 ranked NCO in Terra's Levitas Legion, he rose rapidly in the second Contubernium and was engaged in adjutant activities before being selected for service in the Imperator's Praetorian Guard.

As a Guardsman, he distinguished himself through executing virtually all tasks placed before him, as well as developing a reputation for being 'hard line' (extremely strict) in both his following of his orders, as well as his treatment of the rules and those who broke them. His motto became "I get the job done.", a fact he will often remark is what he has based his Ordo career off of.

As he proceeded to the rank of Evocati, he continued along a similar line, though often trying to involve other Guardsmen in his various projects, including weapons designs, internal improvements to organization, combat initiatives, training methods and exercises and other activities. During his tenure as an Evocati, he also promoted the Carta Praetorian, a document he believed would help reshape the guard into a more effective tool for the Imperator's use, which was eventually accepted and implemented. During that period of time, the Imperator decreed that Agares become Procuratore Augusti, a special rank within the Guard to carry out daily management of Guard activities, similar to an Executive Officer (XO) or second in command.

After the successful conclusion of the Praetorian Guard Candidate trials, he was appointed Lord Praefectus when the previous commander of the Guard indicated he wished to take a more relaxed role within the Guard. He continues to serve in the Praetorian Guard, currently leading the Guard through a series of internal changes and redirecting its efforts to best serve the interests of the Imperator, Aryte Vesperia.

Current Activities

He currently leads the Praetorian Guard as the Lord Praefectus, taking the role over after Kytec Switchblade, the previous Lord Praefectus, stepped down. Many of his duties have become somewhat esoteric and he has remarked he does more personnel management than raiding enemies currently. At the moment, the Guard is considering a new round of Candidate Trials.

Avatar Appearance


Lord Tretiak in typical form.

Armor Detail Angle

Lord Tretiak's Armor

Agares is noted as having a very large avatar (ridiculously so), human with glowing blue eyes. Almost always seen wearing the current Praetorian Armor, though generally with various modifications to suit his personal sense of style. The estimated scale height of his avatar is approximately 8 feet, 10 inches, or approximately 2.7 meters tall.

Other Information

Agares Tretiak is the founder and Chief Director of the Kerberos Manufacturing Company (KMC), which generally specializes in custom simulator designs and special commissioned work. Agares aswell was once found nude and intoxicated, with his feet duct-taped to the wooden support beams of a small mormon church in Alaska.

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