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Ahern was brought online on March 31st, 2003 along with Morris as a new welcome area, replacing the previous one located in Ritch.

The Ahern/Morris regions became the main welcome area for new residents. Residents would arrive at telehub pads on the ground in Ahern and beaconed forward by a boardwalk leading into Morris, with various informational kiosks along the way to help new residents become familiar with Second Life.

Ahern also had several recreational builds, including a nice lake for boating and canoeing as well as a shooting gallery. The shooting gallery was originally located just west of the telehub pads, but was later moved down near the lake.

On March 14th, 2005, the Ahern/Morris Welcome Area build was demolished by Ben Linden to be rennovated by a resident contracted by Linden Lab, Alexandre Alexander.

Historical Locations

  • Welcome Area - The place where new residents in SL are "born" and also old residents go to help out and hang around.
  • Shooting Gallery - A carnival-style shooting range which accompanies the Ahern welcome area

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