Owner of Harbinger Products and the owner of Alcove and Eden, two shopping sims in the Teen Grid. Eden was originally owned by Levi Wilberg under the name Monument. Alex Harbinger was the first TSL resident to own an island chain, which was later followed by Puck Rinkitink who owns the second private island chain. Alex Harbinger has been dating Lucky Figtree, an animation maker who is extremely involved in charity work such as the 'Relay for Life'. In 2008, Harbinger posted a notice on the TSL Forums declaring that he was selling his two simulators, Alcove and Eden , which had brought him the majority of his fame/fortune. Upon selling these simulators [Eden to Fi Folland, Alcove to GothGirl Demonia (who transferred to the maingrid shortly afterwards). Upon the sale of the simulators, Harbinger disappeared from the Teen Grid along with his store, Harbinger Products, and still to this day he has not re-established a store on the Teen Grid.

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