Alix Stoanes Designs

Alix Stoanes Design

Alix Stoanes Design

Alix Stoanes Design ("ASD") was founded by the former Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Austral.

ASD has designed and built many landmark constructions, residential and commercial properties for real life organisations and academic institutions, as well as in-world venues including the 2010 Relay for Life (2010 Award Winner).

ASD focused on landmarks and grand homes, with feature designs including forts, clocktowers, mansions and grande shoppes. ASD also creates furniture, gadgets, scripted items and specialises in custom builds, with both in-world and real life commercial, charitable and other kinds of clients.

ASD has a vastly extensive collection of contemporary, retrofitted and other designs, encompassing homes, commercial structures and art-design works, as well as furniture, decorations and other fine items. ASD is currently not producing new products, as Alix is now focusing on new creative endeavours and real-life creative endeavours.

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