Founded in March 2005 by Mazer Ludd The Alliance Navy is the oldest organized combat Group in Second Life. In eight years since its formation, its mission has shifted from spaceship Roleplay to armed sandbox defense to Mainland outpost warfare and, finally, to full-scale simulator warfare - in that order. It has previously held the majority of the simulators Enculadus, Tethys, The Woofer, Dorien, Emit Time, Cabaret Island, and Solar Alliance- also in that order. It currently resides in Eridanus, a few sims south of the current Combat  It is currently lead by Iolol Hax(interm Admin) and Jehutus Dawes.

The Alliance also did all of the following:

  • Founded the only two combat treaties generally considered of any consequence, SLSALT and STABLE.
  • Gave birth to the Solar Alliance II, which later went through a number of iterations to become the current Ordo Imperalis.
  • Mounted a 39-hour long assault against the Merczateers, known as "Operation Crucifix", and a 10-hour long assault against Vanguard Armed Forces known as "Operation: BRB Supox"
  • Caused Ethan Schuman to swear a blood oath against them and make them the target of all of his "unconventional warfare tactics," which all basically amount to trolling.
  • Ejected former officer Loki Clifton and completely reorganized several years ago.
  • Created the most famous simwide nuke in SL, the S.T.R.A.N.G.E.L.O.V.E.
  • Became the target of the hatred and attacks of Harlequin Amoufhaz, Secondlife's version of Chris Chan
  • Assisted in the political collapse of the Original Combat Continent.

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