Summary: Teen Grid Region.
Status: 45% Protected Land
Historic: Housed

Housed Bloodline

Housed The Black Talon
Sale Status: Not for sale.


Alloy is one of several former Teen Grid regions that was named after a metal. Throughout its existence, the landmass in the northeast corner of the region (Alloy Island) has almost always housed some kind of significant structure.

Initially, the island was home to a number of stores; it would later go on to be heavily used by military factions on account of the strategic advantages afforded to its shape, size and location. Bloodline existed there in a number of forms, Black Talon's Blue Backbite would hold the land briefly, but never went on to conduct any significant operations or campaigns from Alloy.

During the lull in combat in late 2009, the main bulk of the island was abandoned, with the tip being held by the Army of the Sith Republic. During this period, ASR would erect a gigantic spawn platform upon the tip, much to the chagrin of Bloodline veterans and prospective buyers alike.

Later, Xill Flux would sieze ownership of the entire thing shortly before the fall of his military, Malestrom Armada; it was his intention to have Josh Quine's Position 36-FG replicated and for the imitation to serve as some kind of personal castle.

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