ArchAngel right now is in the "Reconstruction phase" ArchAngel was formed by a strong leader known as Portacaro Makarov...after turning 18 ArchAngel was pushed into a stage of depression and land failure problems...Now ArchAngel has one small plot of land in Tremelo and has an alliance with "Rome Empire" the original "New Rome Empire"...After many owner switches...I took control of ArchAngel (Spartan Bikcin) and had my friend that I trust most help me...Sk8er1323 Voom Reconstruct with me...and we are now hopefully going to rebuild...and destroy the enemy that is known as KANE


Back when the Teen Grid was full of residents who were having small skirmishes for FUN! was when [AA] was at it's PEAK of performance...Shorty after this period ended was when I joined...This was also known as the time as "The First GridWide War" This is when ArchAngel was defeated and declared "Dead" by the military militia known as "Chaos"...Shortly after Chaos died off and [AA] was REBORN by Me...Portacaro Makarov...Sk8er1323 Voom...and Avatar Federal...Avatar was hacked..banned...Sk8er1323 fell with Rome...Portacaro turned 18 it was JUST me and another good follower of [AA]...SeanG Graves...although were screwing him over at the current moment to get land ;P we also are trying to get more members..but now that Sk8er1323 Voom is back...and I "Spartan Bikcin" have land...we are EXTREMELY introduce...THE NEW AND IMPROVED...ARCHANGEL PRIVATE MILITARY CORPORATION! *applaud* *applaud*

WRITTEN BY: Spartan Bikcin..please contact me on Second Life if you wish to edit this

>The final days of the Archangel Militia.< Lemartes Barzane, having retained control of (AA) Ares after the disappearance of Firefly Gapchenko, managed to obtain ownership of the original group which had been largely abandoned. A small base was constructed, but recruitment attempts were less than successful despite the creation of a new set of armour and weaponry. After a few small-scale raids, (AA) fell once more into obscurity.

(AA) always stood apart from other armies with its general practice of fair play. Members who used measures such as orbiting, nukes, or sim-affecting technology were usually frowned upon if not ejected from the organization. Though the Archangel Militia is no more, we can always hope that others will take their example to heart and fight fairly.

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