Arcturus is a newly created military group on the teen grid by Rip Thorne and Ian Berwick, who are also the group's premiere builders and armorers. Arcturus is finished developing their basic weapon and armor sets, and are slowly starting to recruit. There are three branches to the group, Arcturus Engineering; the builders, Arcturus Academy; the first location for prospective members, and the Arcturus Core; the final destination foor full fledged members. Rip and Ian are currently searching for a third person to complete the Triumvirate.

Arcturus Engineering, The Arcati Structure

- Arcati Unum  : Head Builder, receives projects directly from the Triumvirate

- Firacti  : Designer of weapons and offensive tech

- Connestati  : Builders, work mainly on base upkeep and operation

- Starkani  : Scripters, facilitate all scripting needs of the Firacti and Connestati

- High Firactus  : Head of the Firacti

- High Connestatus  : Head of the Connestati

- High Starkanus  : Head of the Starkani

Arcturus Academy, The Training Chain of Command

- Raenius Novus, Fresh recruits, have not received training yet

- Raenius Aspirus, Raenii Novus that have passed basic training and await induction into the Core

- Contari  : Trains recruits

- High Contari  : Fills the roll of drill master, schedules training sessions and assigns contari to facilitate them

Arcturus Core, The Decimus Chain of Command

- Heavy Raenius : Same authority as scout, their Skinners is customized to less damage per bullet, but at a higher rate of fire.

- Scout Raenius : Same authority as heavy, their Skinners are custmized to do more damage per bullet, but at a lower rate of fire.

- Decimus  : The most skilled troops, highest rank for frontline soldiers

- Contari : Held rank in the Core of trainers in the Academy

- Auxilia  : Battlefield commanders, coordinate assults and defence when higher ranks are absent

- Avocarti  : Auxilia with special talent for command, these generals advise the Triumvirate

- Triumvere  : Not an attainable rank, these three run the group and are heads of the Acarti, Decimus and Academy

The Triumvirate

- Triumvere Rip Thorne

- Triumvere Ian Berwick

- Third Triumvere to be determined

The three members of the Triumvirate make up the highest level of command in Arcturus, and not an attainable rank once it has been completed. Leaders of the Arcati, Academy and Decimus, all executive possitions are passed down from them. The Avocarti and the Arcati Unum advise the Triumvirate in the areas of their expertise, military and construction respectively. Currently, Rip Thorne and Ian Berwick are screening the population at large for a third member to complete the Triumvirate.

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