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The sim of Arosa is in the snowlands of the original mainland continent of Sansara.  It is said to have been created in September of 2004.  Its existence is documented as of October 21, 2004 from ownership information on a parcel (December, 2009).

Arosa Village (German-language name: Gemeinde Arosa), or Arosa SL, is a self-governing alpine community based on the sim of Arosa and including areas of the neighboring sims of Kendall, Boreal, Hanson and Isere. Arosa Village was founded on August 17, 2009 by Sonja Strom.  With her help an initial Village Council of five members was created on December 3, 2009: Arria Perreault, Junius Inaka, Knor Lane, Sonja Strom (Secretary) and Timo Gufler.

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