Artifice (Alternatively known as The Artifice Order) was a military organisation created by Deathro Lameth and JTWALKER Deerhunter under the pseudonyms of Solanum Flux and Nihlus Dier. It was a relatively short-lived project, although the ideas behind the project were initially much more far-reaching than the state Artifice eventually reached at the time of its death.


Artifice was founded as a small organisation by Deathro Lameth, who has gone by a multitude of names throughout his time on the Teen Grid. He formed it with a handful of prominent former-Black Talon personnel, and a number of experienced individuals who were refugees from other fallen superpowers. He sought to create an apogee by taking what he most liked about Black Fire Army and The Black Talon (In his early days) and using these positive elements to their full potential. However, Xanthos Exonar caught wind of the project, and began negotiations Lameth, who eventually merging Artifice with Exonar's group, Blitzreich in exchange for his cooperation, Lameth was given the role of Second in Command.


Later, after the fall of both Blitzreich and Infrastructure (The group Exonar co-lead after the death of Blitzreich), Lameth resurfaced on the alternate account Solanum Flux. Progressing quickly, he managed to recruit JTWALKER Deerhunter as a second in command, and once again secured many of his former personnel. Inspired by the stagnation that had swept across Teen Grid, he attempted to create an organisation which brought activity back to the Teen Grid. Lameth managed to secure a logo for his military and a parcel in Lodestone with JTWALKER's help.


Artifice, though never even having participated in any physical combat, set the stage for the grid status of that particular era. Rendine, one of the several surviving large groups was very much Nihlis' reincarnation of Artifice.

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