Astaro is a major manufacturer of emergency roleplay/ civilian vehicles in Secondlife. Founded in 2008 by ac14 Hutson, notable first products were the Astaro Levis, SZYM Imperial and SZYM Intruder. In the early months after ac14 had transfered from Teen Grid, he built the Imperial and Intruder and these were sold under the SZYM brand name. The Imperial later became Hutson's own product after Astaro had grounded itself as a major brand by late 2009.

Utility vehicles and semi-trucks/ trailer systems are also sold by Astaro. Most notably, the TPF (Tred-Pro Firefighting System, under the brand Tredpro, also operated by ac14 Hutson), uses Astaro branded fire trucks. As of 2012, Astaro has released several mesh products.

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