Aurora, the Second Sage of the Atlanteons.

When they started...

Ian Fretwerk started the Aurora project about a year before it was founded, it was a designed military the follow

up on the original military in the same universe; AoW.

When the military started everything had been pre-prepared and was opened up and recruiting right away in 2010. Quickly however the military experienced issues in commanding. The people from old AOW did not like the new grittier style of Aurora and many left including Askel Christensen who help raise AOW to what it was. However older faces appeared such as Bambeh who ended up recieving Second in Command. Although Ian Fretwerk was the one that founded the group it was Bambeh that made it the powerhouse from the start. Bambeh ended up creating a large milita in a matter of days. Among that the Citizen sector was booming with people wanted to contribute. Eventually Aurora received a large donation of land about 10K sqm. Bambeh decided to build the base, and it was considerably great but was torn down because it did not fit the Aurora look. Stable Chant also made a large contribution to the Aurora military recruiting in vast numbers and helping during some battles.

The Re-Birth

Aurora died unexpectedly when the tier holder backed out. Ian Fretwerk eventually bought land in Shasta instead that was only 4500 sqm with help from Brantely Magic. So they came back and in fuller numbers, armor, weapontry and scripters working almost all the time. The scripters were Brantley Magic and Hiroth Aabye, two of the scripters behind the old HAKD corporation.

Eventually a newer base was built, one that Askel consitently called the Pizza Hut base, because of it being all brick and concrete. However it was the most well fortifed base off them all and having a telehub and spawn location ended up becoming the most useful base design in terms of defence.

In 2011 Aurora closed it's doors one last time and Ian Fretwerk left because of news of the grid merge.

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