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The Azure Islands was the name of a group of residential and commercial Estate Sims. These islands are best known for their planned infrastructre and public space.

The Azure Islands officially launched on the 11th of April 2005 with the Andromeda simulator; it was formed from the Gigas Residential Project which was operating on the mainland several months prior to the opening of the continent, and moved to take advantage of the then-new group deeding.

The Azure Islands are owned and operated by DeepThink an Australian company directed by Adam Zaius and Nexus Nash. DeepThink was specifically founded for the Azure Islands in Second Life. The Azure Islands as of December 2006 has over 150 island regions making it the second largest contiguous resident owned continent. Presently, there are around 1,000+ seperate parcels, with several hundred unique residents.

The Azure Islands own the surname 'Azure'. Each of the admins (and a few others) has an additional account with the surname 'Azure'.

These islands are located to the southwest of Sansara. The sim names all have an astronomy theme.


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