The Battle of Bannockburn was a battle that took place in Bannockburn. It is the most recent huge battle that lasted a long period of time. The battle technically lasted a week, however, people debate over whether this was the longest battle. In comparison to Great Battle of Martin, this battle was a series of battles. However, this spanned over a entire week.

[Stage 1: The Start] Martin was destroyed. t3hh4x Orr, the leader of BM, was hacked. The land in Martin was sold for a cheap price. Rome celebrated. But BM held everything together.

Alfred Fratica provided BM with a base in Bannockburn. Rome were unhappy with this and decided that a mass strike would wipe out BM.

[Stage 2: Fighting]

The Romans had a good strategy. They marched in on two sides. One going for main entrance from Sagitta (A Roman base). The other flying in from another parcel of land. The BMs split in two. A troop protected the upstairs defence. The other defending downstairs. t3hh4x Orr bravely took on both roles in order to help both troops and to give orders. The Romans flew in. Unfortunately for The Romans, Bannockburn was a fully combat sim. Therefore, unlike Martin, Romans faced the possibility of spawn killing (their homes were based in the parcel next to BM base). The BM's fought hard. An orbis was placed above the base and fired at will.

[Stage 3: Cease fire]

The Romans ceased fire. In America, it was American Rememberance Day, and they agreed with BM to stop firing. However, Darckk's lack of heart made him order The Romans to continue attacking despite Independance Day.

[Stage 4: Struggle and Aftermath ]

The Romans began to weaken in the battle. BMs were fighting hard and The Romans felt the struggle when outnumbered by the BMs. Evidence by an BM commander, EX-Roman, called Minidude Saule, stated that the battle was a slaughterhouse, meaning the Romans were getting slaughtered. At one point, it was 18 Romans vs 4 BMs. Eventually, The Romans decided to stop. This was expected after a week of battle. The battle ended and BM survived through it all. Rome concentrated on Talon after the battle. BM built up its weapons and technology in the free time. The Superpowers clashed and rested from the aftermath.

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