Bishara Resorts consists of Bishara Island, Bahati Island and Mandhari Island, with 7 more islands to follow soon.

Introducing Bishara Resorts to Second Life residents, a region with its main two reasons of existence that of conservation and adventure, but with residents and commercial businesses spread through out the islands in this Resort group.

Bishara Island was placed and created in February 2007, and contains a bowling rink, golf course and surfable beaches. One of its most beautiful features is the reef, a celebration of the stunning reefs of RL, and it contains a detailed ship wreck that is heaven to divers, as well as a lovely grotto, both built by master artist, Chris69 Fitzgerald.

Bahati Island was created in April 2007, and consists of another beautiful reef and 7 residential sub-islands.

Mandhari Island was created in July 2007, and consists of a volcanic crater, a small reef within the crater lagoon and interesting crater-wall mounted homes.

Bishara Resorts is all about conservation and adventure, and we hope to create enough interest in SL reefs to encourage residents to also appreciate and support reef conservation in RL.

As for adventure, that's the next chapter.

Managers are: Chris69 Fitzgerald, Verena Dejavu and Jackson Mulberry

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