Black Fire is noticed as being the original superpower of the Teen Grid. After crushing the Helghast, Fort Superz and Balamb Gardens , Black Fire gained formidable power. It was challenged by Martial Logan and Wind Dragon Mercenaries, later known as Black Talon, and weakened by sabotage noted to have been done by a historical Teen Grid resident, Cyrus Therian. The fall of Black Fire led to development of Black Talon and the Dragon Honor Army into leading superpower positions. Upon the fall of Dragon Honor Army to New Rome, it was reformed as Valkyrie Alliance, leading to the current superpowers being New Rome, Valkyrie Alliance, and Black Talon.

Early History

Blackfire was founded as a combination of three major Teen Grid armies, those being the Second Life Army, Diablos, and Rebel Army. Their combination was Black Fire, which formed under the leadership of the Black Fire Leader Jin Amos. The army found an enemy in Helghast, a growing Teen Grid power. The Helghast War was soon joined by Fort Superz, another major army. The three-prong Helghast War was fought for some time, with many defections. The major powerbase of the war was in Hyperion and Bannockburn, two major urban center simulators. The war carried on, with eventual crippling blows to be dealt. In a sudden blow, the land holdings of Black Fire were abandoned by a mysterious traitor known only as Cyrus, later to be identified as Cyrus Therian. Cyrus was never an actual member of the army, it is suspected an officer betrayed Jin and invited Cyrus into officer position for the actual hit. This blow almost gave to the end of Black Fire, but the land was retrieved by Blue Linden, a Linden interference which led to an eventual end to the conflict. In a single blow, a major scripter, who wielded technological knowledge, defected from Helghast to Blackfire, throwing off the balance of the war. The Helghast, now technologically inferior, crumbled away, as did Fort Superz.

The end of the Helghast War led to the possibility of Black Fire's hegemony, however, during the conflict, neutral militants banded together to form a mercenary military known only as Balamb Gardens. This led to the two superpowers being Blackfire and Balamb Gardens, leading to a war for hegemony. The leader of Balamb Gardens made this official with a declaration of war. Many battles took place, and as the battle went on, Balamb Gardens whithered away and died. Now, Black Fire was hegemon. A unification of the Teen Grid had taken place, and now, landowners gave taxes to Black Fire. A group of civil wars and friendship with Chaos eventually led to Black Fire becoming extinct, especially with many betrayals. Contrary to mis-spread information, Black Talon had actually only engaged the Black Fire Army in battle once in an ambush. From there it had no effect on its death at all. The leader Jin Amos attempted suicide in real life.

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