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Brad and penis

Bradley at the Hive Labs in Dark Gothica, staring down a penis

Bradley Petrov is a flaming example of a furfag Puddi-Puddi-er!

Bradley once claimed heterosexuality and maintained a secondlife relationship with one Raven Ebi. Whether or not he was actually heterosexual has been a topic of debate for many.

Some claim that the roleplay communities of Garry's Mod erradicated Bradley's heterosexuality and left him a girly bitch of a man. However, others claim that his original relationship was simply a ruse to hide his exceedingly homosexual nature and the AGENDA he wished to push on all of Second Life.

Bradley Petrov is one of the many causes of furfaggotry, stay far away if you value reproduction!

Bradley is currently serving as an Arbiter in the SL Military, Erebus Initiative. This rank is equivalent to third-in-command and he is Second in Command of the Death Division of the military.

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