There are many traditions practised by the CFK of BK and the Separatist Confederation most of which revolves among the Arm, Hammer, and Anvil ideology.

Arm, Hammer, Anvil, and etc.

The arm hammer and anvil revolves around the princible that freedom and power must be made by the weak and humbled. It states that a wishing man is tought his what he knows and thus is the arm. The hammer is his perseverance and dream his avatar. The anvil the weight. And the slag the soon to be sword.


"The Man works hard he learns and has a dream. The dream is his strength his power his honor. Knowledge inforces and stiffens his dream it is also his power. The Man dreams of freedom who be thy." Dani Riler The arm is a general description of one who wishes for freedom with his strength obviously, his dreams and knowledge.


"The Man uses his brute(The Hammer) a product of His Dreams to beat a slag upon an anvil that is his base." Dani Riler The hammer is the man's thoughts of freedom


"The anvil is a hulk supported by a mass of men, the anvil is a base of evil only can the Man who uses his power and his hammer to beat a slag not to hard not to soft nor to perfect nor to reckless" Dani Riler The anvil represents the base of evil and makes a base for a freedom

The slag

"The slag is crude hot and easily deformed but only the man using his hammer and the anvil for a base can strike the slag with precision. For if not, the slag will be a crude weapon to or to thin and will shatter. With a current understanding the Man makes a sword to great for the anvil" The slag represents a soon to be sword which is called freedom. If it is beat to soft it is crude heavy and a burden and is fascism. If it is beat to hard it will be to thin to fight and will shatter and is anarchy. Only the Man can make it just right to be freedom.

Other Symbols

The Men

"The Men are supporters of the anvil they do not know freedom some are tyrants some are slaves and some were the man but in alternate reality. The Men have hardened and stiffened and must be broken by the sword so the anvil can fall and rott

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