2007-2008 Co-founder of MDR Studio with Maht Wuyts. Arcadia Nightfire and Rhodey Durant joined the staff in 2008.

2008 - Present Co-founder of It's Only Fashion Blog with Gidge Uriza . in 2010, Kelley Hanly, Gala Caproni, Achariya Maktoum, and Elysyve Jewell joined. In 2011, the blog added Olela Parx, Gabe Bookmite, Hatchy Mills and Hybie Minx. Currently, the team includes Cajsa, Gidge, Achariya, Gala, Olela and Hybie.

2011 - Present Started Single Servings - food blog

2011- Present Started Blogging Second Life - a directory of SL blogs, stores and creators.

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