• Name: Caledon Kintyre
  • Owner: Desmond Shang
  • Founder: Erasmus Margullis
  • Present duke and duchess: 'Planter and Elisabeth Leitner
  • Rating: Mature
  • Announced: N/A
  • Opened: September 12, 2007
  • SLURL:


  • Project: The Independent State of Caledon
    • Region: N/A
  • Theme: Duchy of Caledon Kintyre. Part of the Sculptie Isle
  • Major Landmarks:
    • TimeLock Pub
    • And in the 'summer cottage' of the Duke and Duchess:
      • 1878 room, basically the Deadwood roleplay sim library filled with materials that would have been in a Victorian library
      • Shakespeare Room: Materials about the Shakespeare identity question and other items related to the Bard.

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