In February, the exchange closed temporarily due to programming problems and completely recoded the exchange. Reopening in Brautigan's sim of Friedman, the WSE began the golden age of finance in SL, helping to capitalize over 40 businesses with the equivalent of over $ 2 million USD in capital. When the WSE moved out of Friedman, Brautigan delisted his business, Brautigan & Tuck Holdings from WSE and relisted it with a new competitor, AVIX Exchange, which took WSE's place in Friedman.

Two other exchanges quickly opened: International Stock Exchange and Virtual Stock Exchange (VSTEX). Within two months, however, AVIX was purchased by JT Financial Bank owner Arbitrage Wise, who rebranded it the SL Capital Exchange and moved it out of Friedman to his own sim of JT World. Brautigan then opened his own exchange, the Ancapistan Capital Exchange, headquartered in Friedman and Venture Square. Since that time, the WSE, mired in scandals, left SL and now functions as a dubious game of questionable legality on Facebook.

SL Capex was sold to Scott Nestler when JT Financial collapsed in January 2007 with the interest ban, leaving Arbitrage Wise over $300,000 in debt to his depositors. The capital markets have begun to mature and mellow with age, although overall market volumes are nowhere near the L$3-6 million daily trading volumes of the early WSE period, however this is more likely due to the current real world economic conditions.

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