Car Builders in Second Life

Since the beginning of Second Life, various groups and residents have built and sold vehicles. Some of these groups work in together as part of constantly changing 'networks' while others constantly are in dis-agreement. The following is an archive of every car builder known to sell on the Main Grid.

ac14 Hutson: Owner of Astaro

Ahkenatan Grommet: Owner of Primouth Motors

Alan Beresford: Owner of PROTEC

Antib Milo: Owner of Domus

Ande Cortes: Owner of ACCC Motors

Apolon Obscure: Owner of Apolon@Motors

Cereal Milk: Member of Beckett Motor Group

CtRL Althouse: Owner of CGM

Fox Tweak: Owner of Fox Tweak's Superior Cars

Frageurs Hock:Owner of MH Motors/EMH Motors

Joblot Plasma: Owner of MH Motors/EMH Motors

Haru Kappler: Owner of HaruMotors

IAm Zabelin: Owner of ZA Motors

Japaga Jun: Owner of Medaka

JR Breed: Owner of Need 4 Speed

Khanaar Ingmann: Owner of KCC Motors

Komapyon Forder: Owner of AOBA Motors

Les White: Owner of White's Works

Lyte Rae: Owner of MCC/Crown Automotive

LUCA Rosmer: Owner of Exclusive Motorsports (EM)/EMH Motors

Fire914 Flaman: Owner of Exclusive Motorsports (EM)/EMH Motors

Manji Nishizawa: Owner of Manji's general store

MDK Ferraris: Owner of SCC Cars and SCC Cars -Luxury-

Miki Franciosa: Creator/Builder for HaruMotors

Meez Elephas: Creator/Builder of MH Motors/EMH Motors

Owen Lusch: Owner of Lusch Motors

Sandi Omlet: Owner of Omlet Motors

TerdNerd Barbosa: Owner of ProStreet/'Best Cars'

Scholes Devin: Owner of ProStreet/'Best Cars'

Tiberius Haifisch: Owner of HMC

Will Szymborska: Owner of Szym Motors

Wolf Lumin: Owner of LMD (Lumin Motors Division)

Zak Beltran: Owner of Zetak

Notable Conflicts between companys

Consistent bashing from two separate 'factions' is prevalent. With looming disagreements, and constantly changing builders, scripters and texturers, these two distinct groups of car builders are separated by a wall of oppression.

One group consists of The EMH Conglomerate (MH and EM), and the other; Fox Tweak's Superior Cars and ProStreet (also known as Best Cars). These two groups had often clashed in heavy competition during the better part of 2008 and 2009 during the advent of sculpted products on MG.

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