Brief History: Vox Aeron Coalition was a rebirth of a former sl military group called Urramaich Union but is now defunct disbanding October 2010. Founded by Leia Mercy, and banded together with a few soldiers from TCG. Prior to the official development of VAC, former UU members disbanded into Vanguard after following Leia’s movement to preserve her original army group after a crude sim pull from a ‘ruthless’ financier. While serving under Vanguard, some of the first UU members started to leave the group in thoughts of unfair treatment of their military leader, Christoph Naumova. Realizing that core members of the UU were disappearing, Leia made another attempt to save the disbanded group by joining TCG. While under this new army, she soon began developing weapons and re-attracting strayed UU members to rejoin the TCG military group. During this time period, TCG members and UU members started to bond together forming new roots of a harmonic effort to preserve a “fair yet fun” fight to second life combat. As time continued to elapse, it became apparent that the lines of the two armies became untimely blurred together where a new name had to take place and a hybrid structure of the two armies formed into what is now called Vox Aeron. Soon after the VA formed plans had been made for an official name change to follow as the militarie's "style adapted".

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