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"Let the galaxy burn. Let the heavens bleed."

The Chaos Decretum was a military organization within Second Life loosely based off of the warhammer universe of a warrior-cult army of heretical Imperial Guardsmen known as Blood Pact that, unlike other followers of Chaos, live a disciplined military lifestyle. However in community terms, people have considered them the opposite of Ordo Imperialis since both groups are based around the same universe.

Chaos has prided itself on being the only currently major military known to adopt the 'evil' look, known for spouting unholy sermons and acts of inhumanity and genocidal intentions on the many battlefields of the SL community. Chaos, since its creation has maintained non aggression pacts with other military groups instead of holding any actual alliance. They are currently located within the sim Meliae, and have been for roughly a year now lead by the only person to hold the rank Dominus War Host in history, Dark Svenska.

Chaos has also had a hand in many anti-Iron Symphony situations, but has been turning their attentions toward mostly Anvil Coalition groups as of recent.

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The Chaos Decretum is split into different divisions, know simply as 'Legio's' following their regimental roman numeral letters. The three core divisions are all aspects of three of the dark gods, 7 being Nurgle (Plaugebearers) , 8 being Khorne (Bloodletters), 9 being Tzeentch (Screamers).

The current divisions and sub divisions of Chaos are as followed:

• Legio VIII 'Bloodletters': The first of the ground based combat section of Chaos, the first to go in and the first to come out. Favored by the powers of the blood god, this is the assault legion, dedicated to the front lines of battle and making sure the objective is taken.

• Legio VII 'Plaguebearers': The second ground combat section of Chaos, the heavy support legion, armed with weapons capable of destroying anything in the way of Chaos, they support their brothers from a distance, coating the battlefield in death.

• Legio IX 'Screamers': The air core of the forces of Chaos compromised of light and heavy attack craft, gunship transports, and the fleet. They fly high above the battlefield, raining down the fires of hell and leaving nothing but barren wastes for the rest.

• Cult: the cult is the Chaos recruitment group, comprised entirely of the new additions to the group and their respect trainer volunteers. Cult training typically does not elapse beyond two weeks, dependent upon time zone and available trainers. Cultists are affectionately known as Meat Shields, because to some that is all they are good for on the battlefield.

• Praeceptum: the Praeceptum serves as the command structure and problem solver element of the Chaos legion, ranging from Champion to Apostle, with the Dominus serving as the lead.

• Heretic: the Hereticum houses those within Chaos responsible for the engineering and development within the group. The Heretics usually assemble themselves into groups related to their skills with one Heretic at the head of all R&D. The head of the the Hereticum is a role usually assumed by the Apostle rank although more recently the position was held by Adun Sciarri. As one would expect with a group based off of Chaos, the creations of the Hereticum houses are vicious on the battlefield.

• Castrensis: This department handles the on base problems of the group, a military police based off the cruelty of their war host. They shoot down those who would cause distress amongst the legions.

• The 108th Death Brigade regiment consists of the elite shock troopers of the Decretum ground legions, it's members are hand picked and trained. Like it's name sake, they rain death upon the enemies of the Dominus.

- "From the sky to the floor, no opposition survives."

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The ranking structure is designed to ensure a military standard. Higher ranks are always to be respected and referred to appropriately as sir or ma’am. Disrespecting a higher rank may lead to a demotion. The Dominus is to be revered and respected without pause: the Dominus is to be considered Lord, Master, or Sir. He is the chosen and the arbiter of the ruinous powers.

> Recruitment:
R-1 (I, II, III) Cultist: these individual who have recently joined the influence of the great powers. The cultist is a recruit, seeking to gain the favor of the gods by training night and day; adhering to the knowledge of a Champion or Inciter, until which time he proves his worth as a loyal legionnaire of Chaos.

> Enlisted (Militis):
E-1 Legionnaire: this rank is achieved after a cultist has proved his salt. These are the basic soldier, pilot, or shipman of the Decretum, all equipped and prepared to fight and die for the powers that be.

E-2 Legionnaire 1st Class: these are legionnaires who have proven themselves and gained further favor among the dark gods and their anointed champions. These individuals receive additional gifts in return for their faith.

E-3 Corpus: a worth enlistee of Chaos, who has gone through sacrifice of blood and devotion to achieve the honor of being a veteran combatant.

> NCO (Electus):
E-4 Inciter: An Inciter is an individual who has gained the capability and the honor to lead his fellow brothers and sisters into battle.

E-5 Inciter Ductor: Senior Inciters are denoted as Ductors; these individuals have proven their leadership capabilities and are seasoned NCO veterans.

E-6 Hastatus: A rank awarded to those who have proven themselves in the responsibility of leading his soldiers and participating within the many events of raiding. Only a member who is capable of high time devotion to the dark gods may achieve this position.

E-7 Hastatus Ducis: These individuals are the leaders of the NCO groups: they have earned their position through excellence in demonstrating their combat prowess and leadership. This is the highest rank honor available to an enlisted soldier in Chaos. These individuals have given their time, dedication, level headed authority, and contributed to the convert of new cultists.

> Warrant Officer (Champion):
WO-1 Champion: Champions are chosen soldiers of the gods, who have proved their faith and have given his life doubtlessly to the pursuits of chaos. A champion’s primary task is to assist in the training and growth of cultists, ensuring the future of the Decretum.

WO-2 Champion Lanceas: These individuals are the heads of cultist training and recruitment, as the most powerful of the Chaos Chosen. Reaching such a rank denotes an individual as an active trainer and recruiter; someone integral to keeping the legion on track.

> Officer (Primus):
O-1 Primus Primitus: A noble and highly favored rank within Chaos. A Primus is both a fearsome and headstrong officer; a problem solver, with months upon months of experience in all fields of battle. A primus is devoid of fear: and he or she is not afraid to force the fortitude of others with a swift execution.

O-2 Primus Secundus: The second officers of the legions: veteran commanders, with devoted demonstration to their leadership capability.

O-3 Primus Tetrius: A Tetrius is the senior of the officer tier, specializing in rule enforcement and a manager of the chaos underlings.

> Command (Praeceptum):
C-1 Centurion: Sub-commanders of the group, essentially acting as second-in-command to the primary divisions. Part adjutant, part administrator, Centurions are directly involved in control of the group at large.

C-2 Centurion Victum: A major commander of the forces of Chaos. Centurion Victums are placed in direct command of the divisional groups: he or she takes care of all the individual issues related to the unit in question.

C-3 Apostle: The highest honor of Chaos available to the general member. Apostles are revered and feared without question. Each Apostle holds a senior role over a division, and acts as an overseer.

Office of the War Host (Dominus):
D-1 Dominus: the war host and supreme commander of the Chaos Horde. He has the authority above all other echelons of the group. He is the voice of the dark gods and the arbiter of the ruinous powers.

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