Chartreuse is a mature sim that came up, along with Mauve, for Burning Life 2003.

Historical Landmarks

  • White Star: Neil Protagonist and Nephilaine Protagonist own the WhiteStar casino, which was completed in January 2004. It was, for a long time, the most popular casino in the world, and still is regarded as one of the more aesthetically appealing builds to have ever been created. Nephilaine's famous Pixel Dolls clothing store resides at the top of the building.
  • PoG temple and ruins : The "Penis of Grief" temple was built by Bel Muse during Burning Life 2003 as a satirical take on the average SL newbie's historical penchant for constructing and attaching overly large phalluses. It featured one such giant phallic centerpiece, housed inside a large white temple, and it was scripted so you could touch the penis and be magnetically attracted to it. After the land was released to the public, a lot of Tyrell/NexCorp members moved into Chartreuse. Bel Muse relocated her PoG temple underwater, and made it look like ruins, as if a long time had passed since its original construction. You could still enter it and enjoy the magnetic phallus.
  • Catherine Omega Heavy Industries: Catherine Omega used to have a smallish, but aesthetically appealing platform in Chartreuse where she sold a few of her scripted creations. Many SL old timers routinely gathered there to fraternize.

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