(For "Chilbo - the Entire Simulator, please view "(Simulator) - Chilbo")


Within this article, "Chilbo" refers not to the entire Simulator, but to a small parcel based on the mainland continent. The primary use of the said piece of territory is as a recruitment post for the Nythos Strategic Union, designated a"Nodule".


One of the only pieces of NSU-related land to remain untouched since founding, the Nodule within Chilbo was created by Seitosus Difference as an early piece of styling reference. Regardless of any remote sentimental value, the parcel is currently scheduled for remodelling.


Chilbo remains the site of a relatively primitive building, adorned with only a petite concrete bunker and some early-NSU Dispatch_Crates. The future Nodule is currently undergoing a design phase by the V'Adminis_Identital.

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