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Clear Sky

          Clear Sky was formed by Hat Kamploops and Konstantine Amat in hopes of gaining wealth by doing mercenary work for the lower class militaries of the Teen Grid. Soon, Clear Sky felt it nessecary to claim itself a military. Konstantine Amat, with the help of MJ Yedmore, gained land in Yarmouth. Here, Clear Sky picked up many of its old solider base. Soon, the original group, [Clear Sky] ,was cleared of its members by Elmo Heliosense. An hour later, the group reformed into ]Clear Sky[. Its current website is By the time Clear Sky died, it was lead by Konstantine Amat and Selver Fang.

Tremelo Era

         As soon as Clear Sky lost its land in Yarmouth, it immediatly looked for land available. Seeing as how an allied army, by the name of Straz, was selling its land, Konstantine jumped  on the offer and bought the land. As soon as the base was bought, R&D  Builder Ace Oxbar constructed the first Clear Sky base; ]Clear Sky[ Danube Sich. Soon, the base was scraped for Billard Ball's idea; CS-2 Tremelo.

CS-2 Tremelo

        CS-2 Tremelo assumed a docks like form, having an entry bunker, and open views out to the sea in Tremelo and Arpeggio, and a good view of Pop. Though it was located near the dam protecting Brighton, it wasn't connected to it, showing no signs of being able to be safelanded. Though CS-2 was the longest standing base, it was the least attacked. It's defense capabilities were hard on its right side, showing only a strong defense on its left side. It was at this point that Selver Fang joined the group in search of a new military since Straz's death. Billard allowed Mystik Exonar to return the base, opting for a better textured and built base. This leads to CS-2 Yantar Docks. By the end of Tremelo operations, Selver and Konstantine had entered into a co-commandership, with Konstantine holding first in command, but still along the same command level as Selver.

CS-2 Yantar Docks

         CS-2 Yantar Docks assumed, again, a docks like form. Instead of one large dock, it consists of a body of miniuature docks. The base still contains the basic form of CS-2 Tremelo; a main building, and a smaller "bunker" (renamed "The Bar"). Instead of telehubbing to the Bar, however, telehubbing was made directly on to the stem dock. The textures and atmosphere were upped heavily, introducing never before seen textures and a water loop for waves hitting the docks.

Yantar showed an increase in Clear Sky diversity in structure with the creation of several new divisions. Among these, the Aerial Assault Division, headed by Selver; the Military Enforcement Division, headed by Konstantine; and the Special Operations Group lead in conjunction between Selver and Konstantine

         While this base is the middle aged base, this one showed the most battles; mainly by Catalyst. This base, however, shows a much stronger defense and a door system. While there are two buildings, fighting mainly occurs in the 1st and 2nd floors, with occasional fighting in the basement.  The Bar usually sways gradually as a medic spot.

CS-5 Limansk Fishing Village

          CS-5 Limansk Fishing Village assumed a more Village like feel. The docks became less of a focus, and the land itself was expanded. This base sadly didn't see alot of activity as Tremelo was stolen by Anor Markova and Zaratul Boa in an attempt to kill Clear Sky.

It was at this point that Selver "left" the group, joining Catalyst soon after.

Lodestone Era

}Pripyat{ QuickSilver/Clear Sky base

           Pripyat, at the moment under construction, is a two-army base in Lodestone. While one side houses QuickSilver, the other side houses Clear Sky. The Clear Sky half will have a resemblance to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. version of Pripyat.

Ranking System

        Clear Sky's ranking system is rather straight forward, but confusing to some as its completely in Cyrillic. Each Rank has a tailored English name to it, for better identification.


I- Soldat

2- Kapral

3- Prapor

4- Sotnik

5- Golova

6- Mayor

7- Kapitan

8- Chief

9- Tsar

Name Changes and Additions

        Over time, Clear Sky underwent rank name changes. The Original line up was in complete English, using the Cyrillic prefix for Identification purposes.

Soon, the Sotnik rank was added, as a go-between the higher class ranks and lower class ranks. As time progressed, ranks were arrange and fixed to its current position now.

Major Battles

         Clear Sky was involved in many major battles, one being the Tremelo Pact raid on Catalyst.

Tremelo Pact

           The Tremelo Pact, formed to destroy Catalyst as a group, assembled on an ASR spawn point. With Konstantine blarring the Hymn of the Soviets, Cory Brando delievered a speech to the men assembled around both him and Konstantine. As soon as the speech was over, Praetos, Trident, Clear Sky, and Chaos entered the fray in frenzy. Whilst Clear Sky held the outside areas of the base, Chaos and Praetos focused on getting inside. Trident, however, had mixed positions throughout the field.

           As fighting went on, Tremelo Pact decided to call its forces back into the spawn point to regather, reinforce, and regroup. Counting heads and reloading weapons, each soldier, regardless readied themself for another charge. As soon as the next charge went, sectors 1 and 2 of Catalyst's base soon were taken. After long bouts of fighting, the Tremelo Pact finally claimed victory.

           This battle, along with many other battles associated with the Tremelo Pact, caused the end of the Fifth Grid War. Once Tremelo Pact fulfilled half of it's objective, it never stayed together long enough to see to it that Catalyst ended. Tremelo Pact does not exsist any more.

Clear Sky Black Ops

The rise of other major militaries and the rivalry between Clear Sky and Catalyst saw the unofficial authorization of black ops attempts to bring down Catalyst. As the Sabotage Infiltration and Reconnaisance Officer, or SIRO, Selver left the Clear Sky group multiple times to infiltrate groups such as Catalyst, Last Requiem, Strelok, AoW, New Rome, and Silver Fang (a military failure for which Selver was accused of being named after) to leak information, provide a spawn point, and at times deploy devices and weapons, some of which he created himself.

Selver was not the only infiltrator. Other militaries in various treaties with Clear Sky also contributed some of their own infiltrators along with Clear Sky's Special Ops group. Few records survived this period in order to preserve the security of the respective spies.

The infiltration attempts, namely of Selver, were mostly successful. The completion of these tours of duties, however, practically guaranteed that few other militaries would trust them than the ones who deployed them, and many of the infiltrators were required to obtain false avatars in order to continue their espionage attempts.

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