Club Elite was a popular night club which was founded and owned by BigJohn Jade. It was first based in Federal and was originaly a rather small two floor squarish building no more than perhaps 20x20 (x and y) meters in size, it grew in size over time slowly, eventually expanding half the size of Federal. The club became one of the more popular ones in SL, spawning its own type of culture and trends. Many residents would go to Club Elite for events, causing Federal to lag considerably, resulting in issues for neighbors. This lag was sometimes refuted by club-goers as non-existent. Much other drama was caused between the owner, club-goers, and other residents, raising the club's notority in a way. As the club expanded it also included casino games and its own store.

Club Elite also spawned one of the at-that-time largest groups in SL called Elite Executives, founded by Tanya Garcia. This group was used for patrons and workers of Club Elite. Some questioned the group's motives as invites would be sent to new residents just arriving in the Welcome Area and un-wanted announcements sometimes made through the group. Despite these disagreements the group lasted for a length of time.

The club continued to grew and earned much money through dwell, this eventualy allowed the club to move to its own sim in September 2004, which became Elite Island. BigJohn Jade later sold it to Patrick Playfair in November 2004. The island was sold on ebay in April 2005 and the club closed on 20th April 2005.

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