While Second Life allows the creation and usage of scripted weapons, usually a resident doesn't take any damage by being hit by a bullet or falling from the sky. This is different in a combat region. Upon entering a damage-enabled area, the Second Life client shows a health indicator on top of the screen. If an avatar now gets hit by a weapon which is damage enabled, it loses health, eventually causing the avatar to "die". However, death in Second Life is not as grim as in other gaming environments--it merely causes the avatar to be sent to its home location.

Other Combat Regions

  • New Jessie - One of Second Life's most active neutral combat sims.

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Combat Systems

  • DCS - A combat system created by the owners of Toxian City RP sim. It is a modular, adaptive Roleplay Combat System, able to be configured by the sim owner for any sim.
  • Real Combat System - Created by James Benedek.
  • GM (Gorean Meter) A combat system created by alika Sao and Jaraziah Lowell It is free to get the meter and to get your sim activated. Of course you dont need it activated if you are not wanting a Gorean Sim. GM Meter website is at: Gorean meter. Gorean Roleplay is based on the 28 books John Norman created.