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Combat in Second Life

Combat in Second Life is one of the hardest types of role-play to achieve and represents more a life style than a role. Combat varies in many ways, beginning with simple Katana Fights just for pleasure and entertainment up to huge battles, envolving aircrafts, fleets and missiles.

Armys have a long tradition in Second Life and are often highly organized. The rank lists of some armies are as long as the RL equivalents to them. Most combat groups are dedicated to a specific theme, like WWII or SciFi Backgrounds - so we find the "Deutsche Wehrmacht" as well as the "Starship Troopers" in there. Mostly they have common rules, wich are trying to establish an overall commitment, how combat in SL has to be conducted. Organizations like "The Iron Symphony" consider themselves as members of a huge community, commited to common "golden rules" and a sense for fairness and ethical behaviour wich includes respect towards the "enemy".

Most combat groups own their own combat sims, which are generally set to "Linden Damage" to exclude cheating with Combat Systems; means: you will die on these sims, if a bullet catches your way. Rules and their enforcement is a basic issue on any combat sim, and violating these rules will mostly lead to a ban.

Role-Play is seldom the center of activities, since being part of an Army means to be in a roleplay all day, so Combat players would consider themselves more as "life stylers". Being online means wearing the combat gear, guarding their homebases or assist allies in battles. The overall goal is to gain respect within the combat community.LH-PE 11:46, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

Armys in Second Life

This is a stub list of combat armys of Second Life. Please enlarge this list and add your own army here.

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