The Commonwealth Islands are a Second Life community of organizations and individuals working for social equity and environmental sustainability. Commonwealth is a project of the EnviroLink Network, a non-profit foundation founded by SL resident Hayduke Ebisu.

Resident Organizations (partial)

Affilated Individuals

Bjerkel Eerie
Hayduke Ebisu Founder
Vivienne Cassavetes
Widget Whiteberry

Special Projects

  • Commonwealth Guides - Commonwealth has an idyllic landscape, a variety of wonderful places to gather and to play, and a growing roster of interesting groups and individuals who work or drop by to visit. It's also big enough and varied enough so that everyone might benefit from a crew of people who know the ins and outs and are happy to show visitors the sights and make introductions.

Commonwealth Guides will recruit volunteers who are available to guide visitors around the Commonwealth Islands. To do this, we'll begin with
1. A wiki entry from each of the resident organizations, describing purpose and activities In World and RL, introducing their SL representative and providing landmarks where appropriate.
2. Volunteers with a desire to learn about Commonwealth and meet new people and a willingness to schedule time inworld.
3. An online indicator so that visitors can contact guides.
Interested? Contact Hayduke Ebisu

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