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Community Roundtable transcript for 05/04/2006 meeting.

Robin Linden: Hi everybody
Torley Linden: heyhey Robin :)
Hermia Linden: really?
Hermia Linden: ooh
FlipperPA Peregrine: I guess we've outgrown Pathfinder's place, hehehe
Katt Kongo: Hi Robin :)
Syanin Xevious: So the plan is to over power and ransom them right?
Tao Takashi: Hi Robin
Timeless Prototype: hiya Robin
Barbarra Blair: Hey
Hiro Pendragon: hi Robin
Frans Charming: Hi Robin
FlipperPA Peregrine: Hey Robin :-)
Trinity Serpentine: Hola Robin!
Kim Anubis: Hi, Robin -- nice hair!
Robin Linden: Thanks for coming, and I'm sorry I'm late!
Nala Galatea snickers
Robin Linden: Big crowd today!
Gwyneth Llewelyn *waves* from far back
Bernardo Rockwell: no no no excuses ! :P
Stillpink Sandgrain: I think tiny avs duck the lag somehow ;)
Cristiano Midnight: hi Trinity
Bernardo Rockwell: hi robin
Tiberious Neruda: oh.. that's right. Must've already gotten ya... LOL
Torley Linden: time to take pictures!
Trinity Serpentine: hola Anito =D
Bernardo Rockwell: cheese
Gwyneth Llewelyn: :D
Katt Kongo: Hiya Trinity :D
Tiberious Neruda waves his The Collective cameraphone
Trinity Serpentine: hihi!
CrystalShard Foo: BEL
Robin Linden: so not all of you were involved in the email discussion we've been having over the last few days
Belaya Statosky: Crystal. <3
FlipperPA Peregrine: Belaya! :-) Put Belaya in charge of the video stream :-)
Cristiano Midnight: hi Belaya :)
Robin Linden: we were talking about what the agenda should be, and a big item is privacy
Katt Kongo: Hi Belaya
Belaya Statosky laughs. <3
CrystalShard Foo: Flipper, it'll destroy our immortal soul
Hermia Linden: awww
Nala Galatea has to use the bathroom but can't find one so she lifts up a cushion in the one's looking.....good........aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.......puts the seat back down and sneaks back to her usual seat.
Frans Charming: haha
Hermia Linden: my chair went
Katt Kongo: Hi Jeska :)
Cristiano Midnight: Nala you are all class :)
Soleil Mirabeau: heyyy it's Bel
Trinity Serpentine: Nala!
Trinity Serpentine bows her head
Syanin Xevious: Poor Trin.
Robin Linden: so I thought I might start out by bringing you up to date on what's happening here, and then what still needs to happen
Jeska Linden: hey eeveryone
Kim Anubis: 1 minute autoreturn, Hermia
Robin Linden: sound ok?
Cristiano Midnight: Trinity is such a lucky girl
Torley Linden: heya Jes :)
Hermia Linden: :o(
Dougal Jacobs: sure Robin
Jeska Linden: I'm on a shared wireless so I apologize if I'm sorta slow
Trinity Serpentine rolls her eyes
Stillpink Sandgrain: yes!
Cristiano Midnight: lol
Katt Kongo: Hi Teeple
Robin Linden: so, first off, the most immediate change we'll be making is map privacy
Yiffy Yaffle Flips upside down and kicks playfully chewing a bone
FlipperPA Peregrine: YAY! :-)
Cristiano Midnight: woohoo!
Soleil Mirabeau: / qwoot
Robin Linden: what that means is that when you're online, if a friend searches on your name, they won't be able to see where you are
Katt Kongo: yikes
Syanin Xevious: lol
Timeless Prototype: ty LL!
Robin Linden: I know this only goes partway toward what you asked for, but it's a start
Bernardo Rockwell: ohhh no more snoopying around :(
Syanin Xevious: /clap
Stillpink Sandgrain: what is the point of this option?
Bedpan Unknown: Hopefully it'll be an optional toggle :X
Hydra Shaftoe: There goes my hobby as a stalker
Dougal Jacobs: Oi, Crash
Hiro Pendragon: Q: What about disabling your dot on the world map, altogether?
Lethe Naumova: Plans to stalk torley = foiled D:
Robin Linden: we still need to work on the IM situation, and let people turn off their 'online' designation
Hiro Pendragon: I mean, if you're on your land, and your friend knows where your land is...
FlipperPA Peregrine: That's a damn big start Robin :-) Thanks :-)
Tiberious Neruda: keeps your friends from poppin in on ya at inopportune moments
Robin Linden: it's in the queue, but is part of a much larger IM project so it's taking a long time
Cristiano Midnight: so map tracking is being removed altogether?
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Vivox integration?
FlipperPA Peregrine: Jabber?
Syanin Xevious: Jaw?
Barbarra Blair: seems like people would pop in thinking no one is there--but out of my area of expertise
Robin Linden: checking on the green dot question....
Robin Linden: one sec
Trinity Serpentine: It's not that I don't love my friends but there would be times I'd like a little peace and quiet from the chatter
Stillpink Sandgrain: don't we hve a BUSY option?
Robin Linden: ok - we'll try to make sure green dots are limited
Vortex Commerce: people still IM
Bernardo Rockwell: good question
Soleil Mirabeau: / and suddenly, the amount of skyboxes being built drop dramatically
Robin Linden: but that will take some more thinking
Yiffy Yaffle: mute isnt good enough
CrystalShard Foo: Busy blocks chat history as well.
Khamon Fate: why don't you just take the green dots off the map
FlipperPA Peregrine: Busy doesn't really work - first off, it auto-declined inventory, and IMs still come through if you have the IM window open, and chat is suppressed.
Trinity Serpentine nods
Barbarra Blair: I like green dots
Vortex Commerce: Busy just makes your friends mad
Timeless Prototype: I find Busy unusable too
Hiro Pendragon: Robin - followup - on discussion in that poll I emailed you - people seemed to come up with a nice idea - remove from world map, but *not* mini-map. This way it'd still protect privacy of others.
Syanin Xevious: pretty little dots.
Bernardo Rockwell: yeah I like green dot
CrystalShard Foo: Offline status is kindof silly though... people will just IM you anyway.
Belaya Statosky: Really, appearing 'offline' I don't think will at all solve anything. It never did on AIM.
Robin Linden: ok - Phoenix says that you will be invisible through the directory, but not the green dot
Belaya Statosky: Yeah, People just IM you anyway.
Tao Takashi: green dots still on the map would probably just mean that I chase random people and not just people I do know
Belaya Statosky: Better IM tools solve that problem.
Syanin Xevious: remove the world map?
The Sojourner: thanks Kim
Bedpan Unknown: Busy is the only thing that protects you from notecard bombs, so hopefully auto-decline will be optional as well. ;)
Timeless Prototype: ugh
Stillpink Sandgrain: how about a RED dot for do not disturb
Vortex Commerce: at least you don't have to reply immeditately
Cristiano Midnight: remove IMs
Yiffy Yaffle: i hate busy mode i would be using it right now but then i couldnt see local chat. right now i have a group session spamming me about a club event...
Dougal Jacobs: Will you be invisible via the scripting call to determine if people are offline?
Barbarra Blair: so your friends think you are deceased...
Cristiano Midnight: chat too
Robin Linden: hey everybody -- too many questions coming at once.
Prokofy Neva: Do you feel that privacy tools needed to serve a few large businesses should be privileged ahead of group tools to serve more businesses?
Kim Anubis: yw Soj :)
FlipperPA Peregrine: If you're listed as "offline" or "invisible" they should go to the offline IM queue and forward to email as if you were in fact offline :-)
SL Exchange Magic Box white: SL Exchange - Delivered item GUUD Pose Ball.
Robin Linden: either we have to do this one at a time, or we should use the soapbox
Timeless Prototype: soapbox
Barbarra Blair: /nme hushes
Robin Linden: unless you all want to talk at once, in which case I can just sit down! :)
Barbarra Blair hushes
Cristiano Midnight: lol
Katt Kongo: Hi Jazz :)
FlipperPA Peregrine: muhahaha
Robin Linden: hehe
Robin Linden: thank you!
Dougal Jacobs: I just have one simple question, but it isnt imperative that it be asked at this meeting, so soapbox is fine by me.
Robin Linden: anyway, that's the status of the privacy tools.
Robin Linden: as far as privacy tool design, the next step, and the more meaningful one, will be the IM changes.
Robin Linden: ok - soapbox ready to go
Trinity Serpentine pokes Khamon in a friendly greeting
Khamon Fate: hi trin
Robin Linden: let's spend the next 10 minutes on privacy, and then move on to the next subject
Trinity Serpentine: :) hihi Kham
Robin Linden: please feel free to state your opinion about what needs to happen, and we'll add your thoughts to the feedback that's going into the design
The Soapbox: It is Dougal Jacobs's turn to speak, please take the floor
Robin Linden: ok Dougal - you're up
The Soapbox: Dougal Jacobs is on the soapbox now!
Dougal Jacobs: Alrighty, very very short privacy question. How will the various scripting calls that deal with sending instant messages and checking online status be dealt with? will they return as though offline?
Dougal Jacobs: Or will the privacy changes be limited to only the directory/friends lists
Robin Linden: sorry about that
Robin Linden: thanks Dougal
Robin Linden: I don't know how the script calls will be changed, but we try to make sure when we change a feature that the script calls change correspondingly
Robin Linden: so it will depend to a large degree on how we end up changing the IM system
The Soapbox: It is CrystalShard Foo's turn to speak, please take the floor
CrystalShard Foo: ]
CrystalShard Foo: Um, can I speak from here? if I sit on this thing my compuiter will blow. I'm afraid to change the camera angle.
Robin Linden: of course!
Khamon Fate: yeah it's bad for people to be moving around just to sit on a box
CrystalShard Foo: Thanks. Well, i'd like to talk about the Appear Offline issue:
CrystalShard Foo: I can see how the idea is to try and grant people privacy by letting them appear offline. It should help against the usual flood that you get when you log in and everyon get s notified
CrystalShard Foo: Unfortunatly, it doesnt stop multiple people from IMing you over the day for various issues
CrystalShard Foo: They will leave you IMs thinking you will get them anyway when you log. If anything, it may be better to set Appear Offline based on mutes instead?
CrystalShard Foo: The biggest issue is the online popup
Grim Wormser: perhaps a bulk inbox like on emails?
Aimee Weber: :O
CrystalShard Foo: Thats when everyone attack you
CrystalShard Foo: That would be good too
Jauani Wu: so laggy
CrystalShard Foo: I dunno. Appear Offline is bad in general.
CrystalShard Foo: Better Im tools - that will help.
CrystalShard Foo: Ok i'm off thebox :)
The Soapbox: It is Hiro Pendragon's turn to speak, please take the floor
Hiro Pendragon: You want to respond first, Robin?
Robin Linden: we've been looking at creating an 'inbox' where all the stuff that you get while you're off line is put
Robin Linden: maybe we can put IMs in there too
Barbarra Blair: good idea
Robin Linden: would that work better?
Vortex Commerce: yes
Hiro Pendragon: yes!
Frans Charming nods
Katt Kongo nods
Robin Linden: cool
Bernardo Rockwell: definetly
Robin Linden: ok - Hiro
FlipperPA Peregrine drools at the prospect :-)
Robin Linden: You're up
The Soapbox: Hiro Pendragon is on the soapbox now!
The Sojourner: would it have a cap?
Torley Linden: i do know there are some who wish that IMs would persist between sessions too... e.g. in the event of a crash, you don't lose 'em all...
Belaya Statosky: Yes, that'd mitigate the whole need to appear 'offline', which breaks more than it fixes.
CrystalShard Foo: Yes please
Elix Perth: It'd certainly save the *BINGBINGBINGBINGBINGBING* on login.
Yiffy Yaffle: as long as its either got a HUGE space limit or none
Khamon Fate: it'll have to be capped
Hiro Pendragon: Well, on that topic... real quick - I think a total inbox would be ideal --
Robin Linden: we'll worry about implementation once we agree on concept
Hiro Pendragon: a major problem is if I crash before I respond to all IMs
Hiro Pendragon: anyway, to my topic.
Prokofy Neva: it would be important to still have those offline IMs go to emails especially for all those chatting objects.
Jeska Linden: the box is getting angry at us
Hiro Pendragon: I posed a poll in the forum asking people what specific types of privacy features they would like to support http://
Sam Stork: grrrr
Cristiano Midnight: lol
Robin Linden: once we get full XML-RPC hopefully the objects won't be using email
Grim Wormser: lol, whats it gonna do? shush at us?
Hiro Pendragon: So, just to summarize the poll -
Hiro Pendragon: People very strongly supported both appear offline via IM and map toosl.
Hiro Pendragon: Some thoughts that came out of it -
The Soapbox: what
Hiro Pendragon: First is that there possibly a distinction between All and Friends - that you might want to show you online to friends, but not to everyone - like via Find
Hiro Pendragon: So I would lobby that the functionality should include a way to choose either / both.
Hiro Pendragon: Second, and finally, is that there seem to be 3 emergent modes - Online / appear offline / busy
Hiro Pendragon: The busy has been suggested to work as part of this system - like the idea of showing dots red as do not disturb
Tao Takashi: Hm, what if I don't see if somebody is online? I might even try to IM him/her more often then to check whether he/she is or not
Hiro Pendragon: thanks
Robin Linden: thanks Hiro
The Soapbox: It is Khamon Fate's turn to speak, please take the floor
Robin Linden: hey hey Khamon
Robin Linden: you're up
Stillpink Sandgrain: make that pink dots please ;) thanks
Hiro Pendragon: magenta!
Gwyneth Llewelyn: neon for Torley :)
CrystalShard Foo: yellow
Stillpink Sandgrain: heeee
Robin Linden: is Khamon still here?
Grim Wormser: pink? whats pink gotta do with do not disturb?
CrystalShard Foo: Snakes on a plane, grim.
Khamon Fate: thanks. good to hear that XML/RPC is going to completed. what is the purpose of the green dots on the map; have y'all talked about removing them altogether? just leaving them on the minimap maybe.
Robin Linden: we haven't talked about that, but I guess we could
Khamon Fate: and will you indeed be capping the inbox?
Timeless Prototype: the dots are important as a brief statistical view of the world
Robin Linden: the original intent was so you could get a quick visual look at where the parties are!
Robin Linden: or meetings
Khamon Fate: it really only makes sense but then i think we should have an inventory cap as well
Robin Linden: as the case may be
Bernardo Rockwell: I agree with timeless
Tao Takashi also agrees with Timeless
CrystalShard Foo: Dots are good.
Khamon Fate: yes but chasing down crowds of people inworld is just begging to lag yourself to death
Grim Wormser: inventory cap? lol, could you grandfather in?
Tao Takashi: maybe hide them if there are only 2 dots in the area
Khamon Fate: not a very smart thing to do
Hiro Pendragon: Dots are going to be a growing lag on the system, at least for world map.
Khamon Fate: end of transmission, thank you for the time
Robin Linden: anything else khamon?
Robin Linden: ok thanks!
CrystalShard Foo: Dots attract dots. People go where people are.
Jeska Linden: :)
The Soapbox: It is Magnum Serpentine's turn to speak, please take the floor
FlipperPA Peregrine: Perhaps an indicator on each sim instead of dots - like a number in the center of the sim in a circle with the number of avatars in the sim?
Magnum Serpentine: I apologize I am on a stupid PCI card
Magnum Serpentine: for my graphics card
Stillpink Sandgrain: great idea Flipper!
Tao Takashi: +1, Flipper
Hiro Pendragon: Flipper++
FlipperPA Peregrine: :) I'll shut up now since Magnum has the floor :-)
Soleil Mirabeau: that's good, until you have to go around searching for the place where all the people are, like an event that doesn't teleport you straight there
Belaya Statosky: People always game karma. =/
Magnum Serpentine: As you can see I wore my tux for this event
Robin Linden: thank you -- you look very nice!
Khamon Fate: flip we already havea mouse over with number of avs in a sim shutting up now
Magnum Serpentine: Thank you
Magnum Serpentine: I have a couple of comments
Grim Wormser: dana that is the strangest place for an eyeball lol
The Soapbox: Prokofy Neva is on the soapbox now!
Robin Linden: hey Prok it's Magnum's turn
Magnum Serpentine: Prokofy get out of my face right now
Bernardo Rockwell: lol
Prokofy Neva: /sorry I thought I was queueing
Prokofy Neva: magnum it was a mistake simmer down
Jesse Linden: easy
Magnum Serpentine: And you are muted
CrystalShard Foo: o.O
Magnum Serpentine: now I will continue
Magnum Serpentine: First comment of two
Belaya Statosky: <3
Bernardo Rockwell: O.o
Magnum Serpentine: Have you thought through all the various ways Griefers will game and compromise and overcome any privacy devices that you put into play? And number 2
Magnum Serpentine: I propose my own privacy proposal its rather short. Since we are trying to make Second Life as real as possiable
Robin Linden: thanks Magnum.
The Soapbox: Prokofy Neva is on the soapbox now!
Frans Charming: hehe
CrystalShard Foo: "& plz return prim tax kthx"
Trinity Serpentine: >.<
Magnum Serpentine: Now I will try to sit down
Jeska Linden: THanks Magnum
Magnum Serpentine: dang PCI graphics card
Robin Linden: In answer to your first question it's a little hard to anticipate everything, but we do try to guess where people will game new systems
Grim Wormser: ooh chess with servers
Magnum Serpentine: I propose we do completely away with the friends list, the green dots, the names above the avatars after all you cannot click on a person in real life and know who they are
Robin Linden: the ability to quickly connect with your friends is important
Magnum Serpentine: It would save a ton of resources on the over stressed servers
Stillpink Sandgrain: butterfly.. FLY
Tao Takashi: indeed
Vortex Commerce: make it an option
Dougal Jacobs: It would appear we have an orange monster here with a seeing....
Belaya Statosky busts up. XD
Magnum Serpentine: thank you
Grim Wormser: lol what about when they change avs?
Grim Wormser: dick lol
Robin Linden: As far as the second one, no it's not something we've considered
The Soapbox: Prokofy Neva is on the soapbox now!
Prokofy Neva: OK I'm concerned about the direction the world is taking with increased private islands, increased privacy/privileging levels, increased invisibility for the select, etc.
Prokofy Neva: the most common qustion I hear from newbies is: where are all the people? And up until now I could say "look for the green dots"
Prokofy Neva: how are new people supposed to find their way?
Prokofy Neva: and this direction will lead to muting out people's land, objects, textures, and make a world of insular gated gardens
Sam Stork: when I was new here I uninstalled the game after an hour of tutorial, I couldnt find anyone or anytihng. Next day I came backthough cuz I was curious
Prokofy Neva: it's not a good direction for the society to go in, to become more claustrophobic and more of a closed society than it is
Prokofy Neva: and btw I clicked on this soapbox thinking it queued up speakers -- it accidently seated me
Prokofy Neva: it's not working right
Bernardo Rockwell: god damit! I'll stuck that cornet up your
Prokofy Neva: you can't solve all the social problems of social software with MORE software -- learn how to say no and don't take every IM or get an alt
Prokofy Neva: thanks
Trinity Serpentine: O.o
The Soapbox: Jarhyn Wilde is on the soapbox now!
Barbarra Blair: Prok got a point
Robin Linden: Thanks
Robin Linden: Jarhyn can you wait just a sec while I respond to Prokofy?
Jesse Linden: I think its a matter of striking a balance and giving people privacy when they need and without comprimising the social aspects of Sl that make it fun
Jarhyn Wilde: just tell me when to hop on
Robin Linden: First of all, the various tools that have been implemented that allow the islands greater control were done there first because from a programming standpoint it's easier, unfortunately
Grim Wormser: perhaps an optional shield around ones land that would not allow other in without an invite?
Grim Wormser: oh srry
Barbarra Blair: already have that
FlipperPA Peregrine: MAybe if we had some kind of events list that people could use to find gatherings of people it might help?
Robin Linden: But we're starting work on better controls for the mainland, including the ability for people to create covenants, and better privacy and muting tools
Malana Spencer: no doubt flipper
Robin Linden: That said, it's not our goal to have a world full of gated communities.
Barbarra Blair: really--new event type called "get togetheres"
Grim Wormser: lol
Robin Linden: We need to strike a balance between giving people enough control to feel safe, and sustaining a diverse and interesting culture
Robin Linden: It's not easy, for sure.
Robin Linden: But that's where we want to go.
Frans Charming nods
Robin Linden: You'll be hearing more from us about those plans, which are still very much in their infancy
FlipperPA Peregrine: If the events list was kept to actual events, that's the ideal tool for Prokofy's concern: newbies finding other people. That's what I used when I was new, constantly :-)
Elix Perth: I'm in queue for the soapbox, but I'd like to say that I'm offended when I explore someone's very interesting and detailed land and suddenly get booted home by a security script.
Robin Linden: OK - thanks for waiting Jarhyn
Prokofy Neva: Flipper your idea of events isn't everyone's
The Soapbox: Jarhyn Wilde is on the soapbox now!
Barbarra Blair: right on Flipper
Robin Linden: your turn, and then I think we should move on to talk about audio streams
Malana Spencer: I agree Flipper
The Soapbox: Jarhyn Wilde is on the soapbox now!
Dougal Jacobs: I also agree with flipper, the current events list is a Shod
Hiro Pendragon: you can still type in "party" and find people
Jarhyn Wilde: Ok, thanks. Anyway, I am and always have believed in utter freedom to say what you want, build what you want, and do what you want. that's the heart of the metaverse that SL was created to emulate
Jarhyn Wilde: to be what you want. as I recall in the book snow crash, the inspiration to SL, there was a comment about being a 20 foot walking penis if you wanted to be
Grim Wormser: butterfly
Jarhyn Wilde: it's about diversity, and prejudice, racism, intollerance and individual opinion, while unpopular, are also part of the diverse world we live in
Jarhyn Wilde: But not everyone wants to see it
FlipperPA Peregrine: I didn't know Ron Jeremy was in Snow Crash? ;)
Soleil Mirabeau: / sigh....if only we could still be giant penises
Hiro Pendragon: So is death and violence and disease.
Frans Charming: haha
Grim Wormser: whens the last time you saw disease in sl?
Jarhyn Wilde: and that's also their right. So why not let people have both? I have to say the ability to not see something is as important as being able to say anything
Khamon Fate: ack cough
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Only mental diseases.
The Soapbox: Jarhyn Wilde is on the soapbox now, please hush!
Timeless Prototype: relay for life
Barbarra Blair would rather be a giant firefly
Grim Wormser: k
Jarhyn Wilde: so why NOT allow people to ban avatars to not even appear and render to them? it allows privacy on a level that people
in SL really need
Jarhyn Wilde: The world is full of griefers, and as much as some people wish, those griefers will always be there
Yiffy Yaffle: like a second kind of mute. only stronger
Maxx Monde: What would POL TABLA do?
Sam Stork: yah also if their av lags replace it with one that doesnt
Prokofy Neva: well I suppose you're right, we could start with YOU Jarhyn then
Bernardo Rockwell: hehehe
Jarhyn Wilde: Some people also don't like the fact that there is a huge megacasino with camp chairs complete with megatorii hair blingtards
Jarhyn Wilde: right next to their property
Yiffy Yaffle: also i think rendermuted objects should not be able to interact with you.
Jarhyn Wilde: so let people not see objects
Syanin Xevious: hair blingtards?
Timeless Prototype: lol
Jarhyn Wilde: let people not have to look at what offends them rather than not be able to speak their mind?
Stillpink Sandgrain: a tiny black triangle would do nicely:) no lag no mess no fuss ;)
Khamon Fate: i think the proper term is blingy hairtards
Robin Linden: thanks Jahryn
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Boo!
Barbarra Blair: that sounds like a nightmare.
Tao Takashi: remove the concept of rezzing ;-)
Prokofy Neva: right on Tao
Prokofy Neva: why rez? why a world?
Robin Linden: let me just say this -- we definitely believe in letting people have as much freedom to express themselves as they need with one big caveat
Stillpink Sandgrain: a nice red rose?
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes, let's go back to IRC :)
Maxx Monde: Yeah, and stop chatting, and everything guys are rezzing....hahah.
Bernardo Rockwell: yeah go ben!
Tao Takashi: it's not really "back" for me ;-)
Maxx Monde: Lets abolish horseless carriages next!
Robin Linden: and that is that they remember they're sharing this world with other people, and they make their choices in a way that doesn't negatively impact everyone else
Maxx Monde: And electricity!
Maxx Monde: haha.
Hiro Pendragon: Down with the wheel
Khamon Fate: like this?
Maxx Monde: Yeah, what did fire do for me lately?
Soleil Mirabeau: boooo Maxx....booooo
Maxx Monde: BAN THAT TOO!
Belaya Statosky: Up with miniskirts?
Magnum Serpentine: A Griefer?
Prokofy Neva: what is the caveat Robin?
Elix Perth: Let's stay on topic, guys, please.
Barbarra Blair: Interactiviy IS kind of the point.
Trinity Serpentine snickers
Harris Hare: "Freedom of speech doesn't protect the speech you like, it protects the speech you hate." - Larry Flynt
Magnum Serpentine watches closely to see how Lindens handle griefers on their own land
Trinity Serpentine hands Ingrid a tube of chapstick
Nala Galatea thinks like Katt and perks up. "Snickers??" and drools
Barbarra Blair wants an obvious man T-shirt
Jarhyn Wilde: thankyou harris
Jarhyn Wilde: exactly my point
Robin Linden: the other big topic that came up in the agenda planning was audio channels, and splitting them so that live music events
Robin Linden: aren't disrupted by system sounds
Bootes Newchurch: "I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it."
Grim Wormser: yeh
Ranma Tardis: I didnt get a chance to speak
Robin Linden: I don't think anyone has an objection to that, but there were some interesting ideas that came up along with that
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Aye, Robin, let's hear that (pun intended ;) )
Tao Takashi: I'd also be pro a better applause system for live events
Yiffy Yaffle signs "lets all go to the cornfield"
Yiffy Yaffle: sings*
Bernardo Rockwell: good one tao
Grim Wormser: heehee
Robin Linden: Torley - you had some greata references - you want to take this one?
Torley Linden: sure... yeah, this came up on the Community Roundtable mailing list... it's really relevant!
Torley Linden: especially as the burgeoning Live Music scene continues to grow... and not only that...
Garth Hansen: Is there a way to allow portable streaming music as another channel? Hear your own music through sl anywhere you go? Or am I too far off?
FlipperPA Peregrine: I'm afraid to be sitting next to you, Ranma, I keep waiting for the griefers so come! :-)
Torley Linden: i think it connects to other things that've been topics of discussion for awhile--like a "true audio mute" for example.
Torley Linden: that's a popular question i've heard for a long time: "why doesn't Mute also silence *audio* in addition to chat text?"
Khamon Fate: i'd clap but i ain't got no hands
Torley Linden: is preceeding sentences with a "/" so the typing sounds don't play
Torley Linden: / you can't see me type
Ranma Tardis: with this many Lindens here?
Torley Linden: however, about splitting audio channels... the current thing that's usually done, of course...
Torley Linden: or another way, i learned from Tateru Nino earlier... is a slash with a 0... so... "/0"
Belaya Statosky: /0 even removes the nasty slash. for example: (via Torley Linden)
Torley Linden: benefit of that is, you don't see the slash!
Torley Linden: yeah :)
Torley Linden: hahaha just like Bel said
Prokofy Neva: /gets hard to remember tho
Barbarra Blair: doesn't help with sound effects like "shamlamdingdong" and so on
Khamon Fate: /o really?
Frans Charming: /but then people don't know how you do it
Timeless Prototype: you can do '/0 test' followed by '//test'
Huns Valen: if every line had / before it it would be sort of ugly
Tao Takashi: it's also annoying to type.. make it a switch
Khamon Fate: really?
Torley Linden: yes--again Barbarra, that's the topic of *true audio mute* which is related.
Khamon Fate: ah
Torley Linden: so... the more convenient solution we are looking at right now
Khamon Fate doesn't clap again
Prokofy Neva: SL chat wasn't meant to be pretty Huns
Torley Linden: and it seems technically straightforward, we just have to decide on implementation...
Yiffy Yaffle: i use a typing overrider i made it stops the typing anim. but it still starts..
Huns Valen: I'm just saying is all
Tao Takashi: for me a prefs switch for disabling system sounds would also be ok
Squeedoo Shirakawa: I just use double slash (//)
Grim Wormser: seen a few scroll things that replace that typing animation with writing, cdont think they make ny noise
Torley Linden: to separate the parcel music stream from the inworld sounds (typing, sounds from gestures and all that)
Darky Delacroix: *sits next to the fire hydrant incase she needs to go*
Maxx Monde: SL chat works for those that don't build typescrapers.
Maxx Monde: Like Huns.
Squeedoo Shirakawa:
Squeedoo Shirakawa: Hmm, really...
Huns Valen: what's a typescraper?
Grim Wormser: typescrapers?
Hiro Pendragon: Maxx, snap!
Maxx Monde: Like a whinescraper, but just words words words words
Maxx Monde: You know, verbosity without substance.
Grim Wormser: ?
Harris Hare: How about a "Effects control" box with just volume for now?
Huns Valen: over my head but let's press on anyway
Barbarra Blair tries that out in google translator
Torley Linden: Harris, would you like to expand on that? come and sit on the soapbox? :)
Sam Stork: I HATE waterfalls, they force me to turn dow nmy volume
Grim Wormser: lol
Jeska Linden: Sorry everyone, I've got to run early. Thanks for coming to talk to us - sorry I have to leave early :)
Squeedoo Shirakawa pats Huns on the head. "Poor Huns' head."
Torley Linden: take care Jeska :)
Darky Delacroix: kthxbye
Squeedoo Shirakawa: Bye bye Jeska!
Katt Kongo: Bye Jeska :)
Trinity Serpentine: bye Jeska
Robin Linden: we have a couple of people who are in queue for the soapbox who had things they wanted to add to the discussion on privacy, but we had to move on
Cyan Linden: bye Jeska :)
Hiro Pendragon: oh, while we're at it - can we turn down the default rolloff factor?
Bernardo Rockwell: bye jeska
Soleil Mirabeau: if waterfalls are the worst of your problems you're doing well. ;)
Nala Galatea: See ya Jeska.....we'll leave the ghost out for ya ;) Try moving closer. Can't sit on object because it is not in the same region as you.
Belaya Statosky: So is this meeting over? How about a game of Parcheesi, guys? It's a game of both skill and chance!
Jarhyn Wilde: I say that people should be able to visit the cornfield
Jesse Linden: ack
Jarhyn Wilde: but people banned to it shouldn't be able to leave Try moving closer. Can't sit on object because it is not in the same region as you.
Ranma Tardis: gee I didnt get a chance to speak
Frans Charming: wb torley
Jesse Linden: got the boot
Squeedoo Shirakawa: wb Torley
Torley Linden: thanx, sorry about that... me too.
Yiffy Yaffle: *cough* *posts the image she made of her views of the friends list*
Belaya Statosky: That URL frightens me in name alone.
Jesse Linden: sorry golks just a sec
Timeless Prototype: sleepcomes for me, nite nite all
Robin Linden: sorry - crashed out
Ranma Tardis: Hi flipper san
Jaguar Everett: i crashed D:
FlipperPA Peregrine: Me too Robin! :-)
The Sojourner: me too
Timeless Prototype: ty
The Sojourner: Robin
Ranma Tardis: nice to meet you :)
Tao Takashi: so what I wanted to ask was if there's a reason for it not being a forum
Prokofy Neva: we all did
FlipperPA Peregrine: Ah, sounds like 3am at a party!
Robin Linden: the URL for the mailing list is
Torley Linden: eeep--who else got booted?
Tao Takashi: me :)
Robin Linden: Torley - I have to head to another meeting. Can you take it from here?
Ranma Tardis: I just locked up for a few seconds
Jesse Linden: ok
Torley Linden: sure Robin :)
Robin Linden: thanks!
Robin Linden: bye
FlipperPA Peregrine: Hi Ranma :-)
Robin Linden: cya!
Ranma Tardis: bye bye
Gwyneth Llewelyn: bye :)
Bernardo Rockwell: bye robin
Torley Linden: so, where were were now--about the issue of live music (or generally speaking, streaming parcel urls) and inworld sounds interfering with them.
FlipperPA Peregrine: It might be time to lose the typing sound :-)
FlipperPA Peregrine: Or, at least, make it a checkbox in prefs
Yiffy Yaffle: hehe
FlipperPA Peregrine: I've been here coming up on 3 years now and its like chinese water torture
FlipperPA Peregrine: drip
Torley Linden: hehehe... i did wonder for a long time why there wasn't something like that! but of course, it's not just typing... it's other disruptive sounds too...
FlipperPA Peregrine: drip
FlipperPA Peregrine: drip
FlipperPA Peregrine: drip
Torley Linden: LOLEX!
FlipperPA Peregrine: :-)
Barbarra Blair: It does tend to alert me when I have my head stuck in a script or find or something
Belaya Statosky: Yeah, I usually prefix with /0 just to unnerve people I never make a sound before I say something. At least, that's my fantasy. *ninja*
Torley Linden: but some will also say, and rightly so... that applause sounds are good, when blended with the stream music :)
FlipperPA Peregrine: w00t, lag pockets abound :-)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Oh. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Or should I be glad? :)
Blue Linden: yeah, i've had some crash issues today
FlipperPA Peregrine: Good, I thought my avatar was on the pipe again.
Gwyneth Llewelyn: wb Torley & Prokofy :)
Torley Linden: things just froze for me--and i relogged
Blue Linden: didn't see that in the weather forcast
Torley Linden: who else is that happening to?
Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe Blue :;)
FlipperPA Peregrine: Moi!
florenze Kerensky: me
Torley Linden: okay we're checking on it!
Irvin Maltz: me
Prokofy Neva: I froze and crashed and I think it's being done deliberately
Jaguar Everett: i am crashing
Frans Charming: frooze here aswell
FlipperPA Peregrine: Are you in Borrowdale Torley?
Torley Linden: i'm in Pooley.
FlipperPA Peregrine: Hmmm
Bernardo Rockwell: me, but I wait a wile than it goes back
FlipperPA Peregrine: I'm in Borrow
Blue Linden: new tattoos might help
Blue Linden: there goes Jesse lol
FlipperPA Peregrine: Belaya, stop rezzing 15000 advanced cut physical torii!
Torley Linden: anyway, to sum up--about the separation of audio volume controls... we're going to follow that closely. i know it'll just keep coming up until it's dealt with. :)
Torley Linden: heh heh
Torley Linden: ah, next... i know how much hunger there's been in the community for MORE STATISTICS
Gwyneth Llewelyn: naaaaaah Torley. We've already forgotten it :)
Torley Linden: i see it come up a lot in the forums, "give us hard numbers on this, on that..."
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yay, statistics!
Prokofy Neva: How many premium accounts?
Torley Linden: it's important! Jesse wanted to say something about this, as soon as he gets back. :)
Tao Takashi: sleep deprivation statistics?
Torley Linden: yes--that's a popular one, "how many premiums?"
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Around 50 or so? :)
Malana Spencer: lol
Blue Linden: and those are just Flip's alts
FlipperPA Peregrine: hehehehehehe
The Sojourner: ummm what is the average number of crashes an av has in a stint?
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ah yes. I suspected as much.
Torley Linden: Soj, how long's a "stint"? :)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Per hour, day, year, Soj...? :)
FlipperPA Peregrine: Define "stine"?
Torley Linden: i'm prone to crashing because of how many wacky things i get involved in
Blue Linden: I had gone for at least a month, no crash...then today 2
The Sojourner: I am teasing.. I just came out of 3 crashes
FlipperPA Peregrine: Define Squeedoo - and what happened to Galatea? :-)
Torley Linden: hee hee
Nala Galatea: Hiya Jazz =D
Blue Linden: must be sun spots
Torley Linden: gosh i hope those freezeups didn't get too many of you.
Nala Galatea: I'm over here Flip =P
Gwyneth Llewelyn: I know, it's Path's voice coming out of the speakers.
Gwyneth Llewelyn: It freezes us.
FlipperPA Peregrine: Well, welcome back Squee, we missed you :-)
Torley Linden: Jesse should be coming back soon...
Hermia Linden: I crashed :D
Tao Takashi: I got two recently
Nala Galatea: =P
Malana Spencer: mmhmm :0)
Blue Linden: wb Hermia :)
Torley Linden: the cat (Hermia) came back, the very next day!
FlipperPA Peregrine: wb Hermia! :-)
Hermia Linden: hehe
Jarhyn Wilde: oh, another issue with spam privacy and interferance
Blue Linden: haha
Hermia Linden: not a goner yet
Jarhyn Wilde: you can't ignore an object that has "
Katt Kongo: did we all crash?
Jaguar Everett: how come out of all the games I play, this one by far *actually by leaps and bounds* crashes the most ??
Jarhyn Wilde: "Linden" in the name
Stillpink Sandgrain: can we do something about this crashing problem
in this program Please??? thanks. ;)
Tao Takashi: Hm, I always thought, Blue Linden is blue...
Nala Galatea: Still here Katt
Torley Linden: Jesse's materializing!!!
Jarhyn Wilde: because they hire hacks to do their programming
moo Money: is the event still going on?
Torley Linden: da-da-da......
Katt Kongo: Ok
Jesse Linden: ok
Jarhyn Wilde: not hackers
Jesse Linden: sorry about that
Jarhyn Wilde: just plain hacks
Jesse Linden: been having some issues here
Jarhyn Wilde: :P
Blue Linden: wb Jesse
Gwyneth Llewelyn: welcome, Jesse :)
Tao Takashi: why do you write with your boombox? ;-)
Jesse Linden: now where were we?
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Statistics, Jesse!
Torley Linden: and now, with the good word on MORE STATISTICS... take it away Jesse Linden!
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Demographics.
Jesse Linden: right, finally
Jesse Linden: we have a set of stats that will be updated daily
Jesse Linden: and available on the community website
Jesse Linden: right now
Frans Charming: yay!
Jesse Linden: we are planning on publishing the following
Jesse Linden: :
Jesse Linden: this is subject to change of course but we hope to have these stats up by early next week at the latast
Jesse Linden: latest
Jesse Linden: maybe tomorrow look for: (via Jesse Linden)
Jesse Linden: Residents Logged-In During Last 60 Days
Jesse Linden: Total Acres Sold by Residents Avg L$ Paid Per Square Meter by month
Jesse Linden: # of Residents With Parcels for Sale
Blue Linden: number of clips bub goes through per week
Frans Charming: haha
Jesse Linden: Total Parcels For Sale and Total Acres for Sale
Katt Kongo: lol
Jarhyn Wilde: How about number of anshe alts produced in the last rolling month period
Gwyneth Llewelyn: (free advertising to Chromal Brodsky)
Tao Takashi: total farting sounds per day
Jesse Linden: # of Islands Owned and Islands Added per month
Malana Spencer: number of abuse reports a month..number of reported crashed per month..
Malana Spencer: *giggles*
Jesse Linden: # of Acres Auctioned per Month
Jesse Linden: economic data on the money supply
Jesse Linden: including Resident Transaction #'s by size
FlipperPA Peregrine: Number of penises worn in PG areas in the past week
Jesse Linden: as in How many 1L$
FlipperPA Peregrine: 9238492834927394729374928734
Yiffy Yaffle: Weeee! ^.^
Jesse Linden: 20 - 49 L$
Malana Spencer: lmfao
Jesse Linden: 200 - 499 L$
FlipperPA Peregrine: 20 penises for L$49? That's a deal!
Jesse Linden: and so on
Katt Kongo: hey, I haven't done that since March!!
Jarhyn Wilde: number of people banned for mature content in mature areas in the last week: 55479857429875839207
Rhiannon Chatnoir: lol FLip
Torley Linden: that's like bargain basement... :p
Jordy Laffer: Do vehicles in that shape count?
FlipperPA Peregrine: :-)
Stillpink Sandgrain: please dont' show stats on how long I been logged in okay? thanks
Jesse Linden: also L$ Sources and Sinks per month broken down by category
Jaguar Everett: i would think using time to make secondlife a better written program would be better than gathering statistics; what are you guys doing to make SL more crashproof?
Yiffy Yaffle: rate of resident increase per day? priceless
Tao Takashi: sounds good, Jesse
Jordy Laffer: And what about the physics engine update?
Torley Linden: it does connect, Jaguar... statistics help us figure out where things are going wrong.
Tao Takashi: number of complaints about missing Havok2 per day?
Torley Linden: we *do* collect viewer crash data if you send it in.
Jesse Linden: this will also include Havok 3, html on a prim, the ability to time travel
Jesse Linden: and much more
Torley Linden: hehehehe
Stillpink Sandgrain: to be honest, if I sent in every crash report I'd have no time left to enjoy SL :)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: awww lol
Torley Linden: time travel sounds good to me :)
Jaguar Everett: well, i guess my point is, most of those statistics had little to do with analysis of SL's actual performance in not crashing, or performance in general
FlipperPA Peregrine: Jesse, can I post that to the forums? :-)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes, I'm stuck on "forward only" with my time travel HUD attachment ;) It works one second at a time.
Jaguar Everett: it seemed to me most of that was about economic analyzation
Rhiannon Chatnoir: what about the other stats taht used to be on the leaderboard?
Jesse Linden: about Time Travel, Flip?
Stillpink Sandgrain: wow can I go back to 1969???
Jesse Linden: what we are trying to do with these stats
Stillpink Sandgrain: lol
Huns Valen: I'd like to see the sound system overhauled, it's had painful bugs in it for years
Torley Linden: ahhh Jaguar--okay, i'm referring to internal statistics we keep. by no means limited to that. if there's a specific area you'd like to talk about just let me know--have you also tried the Preview 1.9.1?
Tao Takashi: I am in 1969 right now
Jesse Linden: is support a marketplace
Jesse Linden: and help businesses and resident projects
Rhiannon Chatnoir: can I ask a sort of data related question
Torley Linden: Huns--yes, me too... that horrible, *horrible* "putt..... PUTT!!!!" one we know about.
Huns Valen: ya i no rite
Jordy Laffer: And what about the extremely simple bugs, like the moon being stretched out near the horizon?
FlipperPA Peregrine: I've got to run my friends! My laptop is beginning to get uber-hot
Leana Meyer: 'ya rly
Torley Linden: Jordy, that gets effectively done away with if you have Ripple Water on. :)
Jordy Laffer: So does the game's playability for me.
Blue Linden: ooops gotta run back to teen town.....take care all :)
FlipperPA Peregrine: Take care my friends! :-) hugs!
Torley Linden: take care Blue!
Hermia Linden: I have to go to bed. Night all!
Blue Linden: bye Squee :)
Stillpink Sandgrain: cya BLUE!!!
Huns Valen: take care blue!!! we miss you!!!
Torley Linden: nitey Herm
Belaya Statosky ees and hugs Flipper. ~<3
FlipperPA Peregrine is offline
Rhiannon Chatnoir: I signed up to the affiliate program.. which took awhile to initiate.. and since then have not heard one word about stats or anything.. even though all is in place on my sites end
Frans Charming: bye blue and hermia
Syanin Xevious: bye bye for now
Stillpink Sandgrain: tell teen we miss EM ALL :)))
Blue Linden: bye herm, stillpink :)
Yiffy Yaffle barks
Jaguar Everett: ive tried the preview grid, but my opinion still stands that stability of a game is more important than adding features. maybe you guys should consider widening your range of versions (clients) allowed on the grid, and catagorize versions of clients as
Jaguar Everett: stable, release, preview(beta)
Jesse Linden: Rhiannon if you send me an email on that
Jaguar Everett: or something to that extent.
Jordy Laffer: Like the majority of open source releases.
Jesse Linden: I can look into Affiliate stats
Jesse Linden:
Rhiannon Chatnoir: ok.. thanks
Harris Hare: More than one active relrease would shard the world.
Torley Linden: Jaguar-- in a lot of cases, the two aren't mutually incompatible (features/fixing bugs).
Torley Linden: and as for that "shard the world" thing--we're moving towards a model of heterogenous grid... which means more than one type of client can be used to access Second Life
Torley Linden: this is still further off, tho
Gwyneth Llewelyn: awwww
Gwyneth Llewelyn: do tell *more*.... please?
Stillpink Sandgrain: AWEsome!
Harris Hare: Cool.
Chromal Brodsky: Torley, may I contribute a comment re: stability concerns expressed here?
Torley Linden: hehe no more details at the present time, i'm excited about it tho :)
Tao Takashi: I wonder if a heterogenous grid will not even produce more problems
Torley Linden: sure Chomal!
Huns Valen: I think Jag's saying that flexible prims don't do much to alleviate the problem of sims that crash several times a day, or clients that get low FPS all the time
Jordy Laffer: Farther off than non-rigid prims, or farther off than a new graphics engine?
Stillpink Sandgrain: YAYYA FOR TORLEY!!!
Tao Takashi: it basically means a lot more testing I can imagine
Torley Linden: yeah Huns... i'm very picky about smoothness of things... and TEXTURE LOADING particularly.
Torley Linden eyes textures
Katt Kongo: Hi Tom :)
Chromal Brodsky: I think folks need to keep in mind that stability is a two, or three-pronged affair. Yes, there's the client software, as well as the grid's stability, but they shouldn't underestimate the importance of tuning their own systems. I know that sounds a ....
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Well, just to chime in the features vs. bugs vs. stability issue... really, since 1.5, we have been seeing only bug fixes and stability issues, no new breathtaking features at all... (sure, a few new thingies, like the new building editor...)
Jordy Laffer: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Torley Linden: i'm very enduser-oriented about it, so to speak... if you've had problems, heck, i've prolly had the same. and will always be sure to let our devs knows.
Tom Bukowski: Hello... lag bumped me... trying to relog and rez...
Torley Linden: hey welcome back Tom
Chromal Brodsky: ... apologist, but the fact remains, I spend a great deal of time here in rather busy places, and almost never, if really ever, have the client itself crash out. But I also know, I could tweak exactly one setting in my system's BIOS, and it would be a...
Katt Kongo: wb then :)
Stillpink Sandgrain: ohhh i want SL on my newpink razR phone so BAD criesssss
Torley Linden: Gwyn--yeah, some say, "when's the rest of the animation and gestures interface gonna be done?"
Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'm one of those, Torley!
Torley Linden: :)
Chromal Brodsky: ...VERY different story. I could install a different version of the ATI Catalyst driver, and it would be a VERY different story. So... I dunno. SL is stable for me. Maybe the problem isn't
with the client?
Jordy Laffer: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, though.
Torley Linden: what Chromal said is similar to what he told me at the start of my Second Life... and it still holds true today. weakest link in the chain. thanx Chromal.
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Chromal: fine-tuning your computer for SL is an art. I agree.
Huns Valen: chromal's right I think... I almost never crash... but sims crash all the time
Jordy Laffer: Do you see my point? There are more complex games than
Second Life out there, and they don't seem to be as tempermental.
Tao Takashi: so sell computers with SL preinstalled :)
Jarhyn Wilde: yeah, and they use DirectX
Jarhyn Wilde: which is infamous for instability
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Jordy: 1) They are GAMES. 2) They don't have to deal with collaborative, dynamic content
Frans Charming: Jordy, Oblivion is a completly different thing. Everything is fixed and comes on the dvd,The openess of SL brings with it the unstabilty we experience.
Harris Hare: Jordy, Oblivion doesn't have scripts running inside it not made by the developer of the game.
Elix Perth: I crashed during this very roundtable from trying to scope my camera around to take a group shot. It took so much juice to
load, I desynchronized from SL.
Jordy Laffer: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion does, in a way.
Tao Takashi: they also might not have to deal with more platforms
Torley Linden: ideally we're on a path to open source, as has been publicized recently... some of these problems that have been bothering Resis for a long time... i know we have some bright minds who say "if i COULD fix it, i WOULD!!!"
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Compare 4-10 GB of textures & object date (= normal "game") with 10 TBytes (= SL)
Torley Linden: and we're hoping that becomes increasingly true, because it's perfectly consistent with SL's own philosophy.
Tao Takashi: is there a convincing plan of how opensource might work?
Jordy Laffer: Actually, it has very many scripts running in it. That's the only way you can mod the game.
Torley Linden: created by Residents!
Tao Takashi: because just releasing the source will probably not do it
Jarhyn Wilde: heh, and then will come all the people outright bitching about content theft
Torley Linden: Tao, some of the documents on that have already been discussed by Philip and Cory--on their blogs and on the forums, i believe.
Huns Valen: probably wouldn't be full open source, the core would need to be protected
Torley Linden: in pieces. instead of one overwhelming monolith.
Tao Takashi: ok, I will check their blogs then
Stillpink Sandgrain: yes! and protect our inventory please!
Torley Linden: so hopefully as things get done, we'll be able to follow up and go "you asked for this? here it is!" gosh i remember when we didn't have inventory search...
Torley Linden: i remember when teleports used to break all the time on me
Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe
Torley Linden: holy crap
Katt Kongo: the good ole days
Tao Takashi: I don't remember any of this ;-)
Stillpink Sandgrain: yep
Torley Linden: i remember when foot shadows used to eat up our feet
Torley Linden shouts: DAMN FOOTSHADOWS!
Gwyneth Llewelyn: I remember when just turning the camera crashed...
Stillpink Sandgrain: hehh
Torley Linden sighs and smiles :)
Katt Kongo: I miss mine :(
Torley Linden: hahahaha
Torley Linden: but, more and more... it's progress in motion.
Tao Takashi: I remember when I was early in bed..
Stillpink Sandgrain: I remember when rezzing an object costs you 10L hahhahahah
Malana Spencer: haahme too
Katt Kongo: yikes
Malana Spencer: & I remember taxes!
Torley Linden: hahahahaah
Malana Spencer: :X
Torley Linden: HEIGHT TAX
Jaguar Everett: zomg the golden era of SL was teh rox0rz
Stillpink Sandgrain: be Happy people we got it all in our Second LIFE goin ON :)
Torley Linden: i only *heard* about those
Malana Spencer: haha light tax!
Torley Linden: and PUBLIC LAND!!!!
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Jesse.... the German announcement remembers me of something... any plans on releasing demographic data?
Malana Spencer: haha
Malana Spencer: yes
Malana Spencer: lol
Torley Linden taps Jesse :)
Jesse Linden: yes
Tao Takashi: you mean if we need more kids in here? :)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: thank you Torley :)
Jesse Linden: as in country by country data
Elix Perth: I remember when my sim had First Land, and it was the southern edge of the continent. Then all but three lots next to mine got bought by a land baron.
Jesse Linden: on residents?
Jaguar Everett: Do you think the problem with sims crashing all the time is due to you guys putting more than one sim on a server?
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Demographics, and country by country data, yes
Jesse Linden: right
Gwyneth Llewelyn: mm hmm
Jesse Linden: I'll look into it and see if it would be possible to publish some of that data
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Useful for targetting multilingual info
Jesse Linden: I know we have it internally
Tao Takashi: it would also be nice for event planning
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes, I know that as well, Jesse ;)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Indeed tao.
Tao Takashi: so make more events at my times ;-)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: For rolling out events for specific timzeones
Jesse Linden: if you send me a quick email, I can follow up on that for you
Gwyneth Llewelyn: thank you Jesse :)
Torley Linden: alrighty. i guess that's a wrap then... thanx everyone for coming to our Community Roundtable meeting! this is done monthly, so watch out for one, the first thursday in June... it will be at a diff time i think. :)
Tao Takashi: speaking of times, I should be in bed for hours..
Stillpink Sandgrain: WAIT TORLEY PLease???
Tao Takashi: so good night! :)
Stillpink Sandgrain: we didn't talk about PREVIEW???
Torley Linden: oooooo what did you want to talk about?
Stillpink Sandgrain: i waited all this time ;(
Stillpink Sandgrain: WHEN???
Torley Linden: when's 1.9.1 being released?
Stillpink Sandgrain: yes!
Gwyneth Llewelyn: hahaha yes yes :)
Stillpink Sandgrain: lol
Stillpink Sandgrain: please don't say 'soon' ;(
Katt Kongo: when will we get group tools? :)
Malana Spencer: eventually
Stillpink Sandgrain: lol
Malana Spencer: *giggles*
Stillpink Sandgrain: arghhh
Jesse Linden: betweeen soon and eventually
Jesse Linden: ;p
Malana Spencer: lmfao
Malana Spencer: lol
Katt Kongo: awwwww
Torley Linden: AHHHHH should not be longer than a few weeks at most! there were some kinks run into with the graphical improvements... but thanx to bug reporting and testing... should not be long now!!
Stillpink Sandgrain: awwww Jesse ;( so evil ;(
Jesse Linden: in the near future
Sean Gorham: not just soon, but Soon(TM)
Torley Linden: hahaha
Torley Linden: yeah it won't be NEXT YEAR
Jesse Linden: getting closer
Harris Hare: One of you mentioned earlier that with llHTTPRequest fewer objects would be doing email. That's true.. but you're not going to phase out email for sctips are you?
Stillpink Sandgrain: YAYYYY
Torley Linden: i mean, come on now lol
Jesse Linden: i promise!
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Good, Torley :)
Jesse Linden: putting out exact release dates
Elix Perth: One more question.. any way to fix the "EVERYTHING'S SHINY" effect?
Jesse Linden: is not a good idea
Elix Perth: It carried over into the main grid, I found.
Torley Linden: Elix that one showed up earlier, should be fixed by 1.9.20 but get me a repro please :)
Jesse Linden: because we honestly just dont know for sure
Torley Linden: i mean
Torley Linden:
Jesse Linden: when we can ship
Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol
Stillpink Sandgrain: awesome news ;))) thank you (((TORLEY LINDEN)))))) *remember when torley had another last name *grinz*
Katt Kongo: I'd settle for an approximate... 2 weeks.. a month
Torley Linden: about Group Tools....
Elix Perth: I mean that it followed me back onto the main grid, Torley.
Jesse Linden: weeks not months
Torley Linden: very, very important to all of us
Katt Kongo: ok, ty Jesse :)
Yiffy Yaffle: / i forgot what her last name used ot be hehe
Torley Linden: more news on that as it emerges, i've been breaking stuff with that
Torley Linden: hahaha
Katt Kongo: lol
Jordy Laffer: Should SL really temporarily hang my computer when it lags? Seriously, get with the multitasking.
Yiffy Yaffle: to*
Elix Perth: I love it when the preview grid does funky things with that. But somehow it followed me onto the main grid.
Katt Kongo is excited about group tools... wants to give her staff members *VERY* special titles
Torley Linden: okay too weird Elix, show me exactly what that is... i'll check it out
Torley Linden: YES, very SPECIAL TITLES
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Torley — does that mean that we should talk again about the Group tools next roundtable?
Torley Linden: Jordy--minimizing will help. otherwise it uses just about all your CPU... pretty intense. Dual Core solutions are becoming increasingly popular.
Katt Kongo: *evil grin*
Yiffy Yaffle: i hope we get the ability to mute groups from starting sessions ^^
Jarhyn Wilde: they shouldn't have to be the onlhy solution thought
Jordy Laffer: Can't minimize it when my computer's hung.
Huns Valen: I've got a dual core system, they work pretty nice with SL
Stillpink Sandgrain: everyone thank TORLEY and JESSE and all LIndens
everywhere and let them back towork now please STAND AND SALUTE
Stillpink Sandgrain: Salutes
Torley Linden: yeah my system is similar to Huns
Stillpink Sandgrain: woot
Stillpink Sandgrain: Salutes
Gwyneth Llewelyn bows
Torley Linden: i was actually influenced by what Huns picked, because i know he makes good choices =]
Syanin Xevious: /rest
Syanin Xevious: oops
Huns Valen: ty Torley
Stillpink Sandgrain: ;))) wtg HUNS
Jarhyn Wilde: it SHOULD be processed by the graphics card, rather than doing so much CPU calculation
Malana Spencer: wn sy sy
Malana Spencer: wb*
Jarhyn Wilde: that's the solution that makes for happy processors
Gwyneth Llewelyn: CPU does mostly texture decompression...
Torley Linden: take care everyone... i'm gonna beam now...!
Syanin Xevious: ***sings O Second Life***
Huns Valen: ta
Jordy Laffer: It SHOULD give up its CPU time when another program requests it.
Rhiannon Chatnoir: thanks.. and night to your
Malana Spencer: llol
Katt Kongo: Bye Torley :)
Chromal Brodsky: One option for us uniprocessor/unicore folks with CPU envy is to lower the execution priority of the secondlife client; Secondlife basically still gets every last spare cycle it can, but gives a little room for firefox, thunderbird, IRC, photoshop, etc..
Harris Hare: Thank you Torley.
Frans Charming: Bye Torley.
Syanin Xevious: bye bye for now
Flight Core: All Go
Stillpink Sandgrain: ohhh second life..OHHH SECOND LIFE>... you truly fill my heart with JOY and strife'''' hehhh
Torley Linden: ta!

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