This was one of two sims created to the SW of Darkwood in the last quarter of 2003. The two sims were divided up into sites that project teams could take over to build fairground rides for. After many people submitted ideas around 20 teams were given sites and work began. After around a month the fairground was opened (a very busy and popular event) and people enjoyed the rides for another month or so.

Rides ranged from brilliant rollercoasters to a Tron disk game, to horror rides (the Time Travel ride still exists on Celadon), to a small gaming and gambling section, bumper cars and so on. There was some fantastic creativity and it was a great event idea by the Lindens.

The project was called Linden World (not to be confused with the Alpha name for SL, LindenWorld) and was spread across Coney and Luna. The project was deleted due to slow growing disinterest (unfinished rides and therefore some lack of attendence), Luna was converted into the shopping mall Luna Oaks and Coney was deleted (or renamed).

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