Cross Grid Rally (CGR for short) was created orginally by Will Szymborska and Owen Lusch.

CGR originated in 2007, but an official public race was not planned until 2008, for July 20th.

The rallys entrants(mostly celebrity's and SL's most car savvy residents) battle in expensive cars traveling from one place to the next, commonly breaking speed limits and evading law enforcement along a set amount of sims. The rally is broken up into several different stages, and usually traveling through around 250 different sims. It is typically split up between 1 or 2 days.


The 2008 rally consisted of 3 stages, leaving Grouse and traveling 67 sims until reaching its first checkpoint, an auto show in Conisten. The other two stages consisted of similar, lengthy mainland routes. 14 different drivers participated in the event:

Yetrates Bates (Team RedLine Leader), frageurs Hock (EMH Automotive Group), ac14 Hutson (NTBI/ Astaro), Will Szymborska (NTBI/SZYM), Tazzy Rozenberg, Amanda Shinji, ScaryMary Spitz8, Kurai Kaminski (Team RedLine, with support driver Aleshanee Decosta), Bert Trenchcoat, Brin Leigh, Subwoofer Fuhr (SL racing legend), Kandy Tomorrow (Team KC), RamessesIII Pharaoh and Master Nestler.

The local Austrian Police Unit under the direction of Miller Thor provided police protection for portions of the high speed rally route.


For 2011, the event consisted of 4 stages. It was held on Linden Routes 9, Amundsen Road, Circuit la Corse and Route 8. 19 drivers attended. The final standings were:

1. Owen Lusch (1:02:42) 2. Lyte Rae (1:07:06) 3. aaps59 Aeon (1:10:45) 4. Maco Broono (1:14:16) 5. badguy Boozehound (1:25:27) 6. JZ Cruz (1:30:25) 7. Chaves Shu (1:38:47) 8. Eight Blinker (1:50:38) 9. Tazzy Rozenberg (2:19:46) 10. kurama49 Minotaur (2:56:46) 11. Nikko Dezno (3:40:26) 12. fayde Neximus (4:28:38)

DNF: Seba Serpente Amanda Shinji OUTLAW Acker Angus Chrome

(FIRST 3 PLACES BUT NOT COUNTED BECAUSE OF THEY WERE ORGANIZERS): 1. Nelson Jenkins (0:47:59) 2. Will Szymborska (1:00:02) 3. ac14 Hutson (1:02:34)

The 2011 rally was the first to feature 'un-official' time trials for all stages. Drivers had 3 attempts at each stage.

Click here to visit the official website

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