DCS is a Combat System used in Toxia for their roleplay


From the DCS Notecard

Directions for using DCS.

Look for DCS in your inventory and wear it... Once you have it on, it will ask you to select a race. Once you’ve selected a race, you can add your armor (Directions in a separate notecard). If you want to change races, you must ask a GM to reset your DCS.

System Commands:

General System Commands:

/9regen (restricted)
/9search (used for searching for quest items (Enhanced Config Only)
/9title <desired title>  (sets personal title of choice) 
/9title (Clears Title)
/9color <colorchoice> (Allowed color list in Release Notes)

To heal yourself, simply type /9heal, to heal someone else type /9heal and a space and then the person’s first name... Or the first few letters.

Titles are limited to 30 characters... To change your title type /9title and then a space and then the text that you want in your title.

To change the color of your DCS, type /9color.

Racial Commands


/9frenzy - Enables a 15 point melee bonus... You must have Rage points to use this power, which you gain by being injured. 


/9smite - AOE damage spell( Must have 50% power and 1 prayer, effects anything unholy... Not other Angels and Human) 
/9buff <name>  (25% armor buff, duration of five minutes)


/9shock - (targeted AOE damage spell, requires mana, which you gain by meditating)
/9med - (Regains mana)


/9tard (Summons a Robotic Sentry Droid, if you get hit it will go attack the person who damaged you. Also when it runs out of Batteries it will explode so watch out for that)


/9malice (catches everyone on fire doing massive damage to them, takes 5 souls and 100% stamina. You gain souls by going to The Pit)


They Do not have any /9 command powers but they do have 9 lives which allow them to come back from death 9 times at 25% health. They regen 1 life every 5 minutes. They also have more agity which makes attacks miss more.


/9feed (this will attack the closest person in line of sight)
/9revive (uses a blood point, which you gain by feeding on people, to come back to life in combat)


You have a natural Shield that will null any damage till your shield runs out. It recharges in time.

Dark Elf:

You have a harm touch it will kill or do 50% damage. Its on a 10 min timer, and you have to be at full stamina and 5 hate.. Which you gain by meditating.

/9ht <name> (this will harm touch... Get close.. Example: /9ht dim)

Staff List

Poblano Beauchamp Vincent Giotto Maverick Garfield Niamh Suisei Skitzo Rolls Vladimere Hextell Osoth Vandeverre Nhile Fuller Cinderalla Mangala Omega Althouse Leighton Spire Cruia Morenz Jenny Carlos Luna Vielle

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