In 2002, Linden Lab was present at the DEMO Conference, an event where new and promising technologies are showcased. Using a slide-show of images (seen below), LL convinced the folks at DEMO to give them a 6-minute slot to launch SL to the world. LSL1 code was also part of this slide-show, showing that SL can be more than just a game, even though the slideshow itself may have presented SL as a more game-like world at the time.



Page 001

Primitar riding a sphere-like object that worked somewhat like a taxi service (written in LSL1).

Page 002

Company overview of Linden Lab at the time.

Page 003

A promising vision.

Page 004

Overview of the profitability and popularity of online gaming.

Page 006

Outline of propositions for the experience of SL.

Page 007

Roles of user-created content and product features.

Page 008

How the backbone of SL's grid technology works.

Page 009

Hardware needs and hardware used.

Page 010

Estimated market size based on statistics from 2002.

Page 011

Potential consumer markets for SL to appeal to.

Page 012

Meeting current needs felt by players of other online worlds.

Page 013

Projected business model and growth from 2002 to 2005.

Page 014

Financing timeline.

Page 015

Technology progress made up to 2002.

Page 016

Upcoming milestones from December 2001 - August 2002.

Page 017

Closing image, revolution of current technologies taken to a new level!

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