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Historical Landmarks

DarkDharma Avatar Isle 
Enter the fantasy at DarkDharma Avatar Isle, roughly 17,000 sq. meters, located at Dacia (230,29). DarkDharma Avatar Isle is a unique type of store found nowhere else in Second Life. Sometimes compared to a theme park or museum in its feel, a visit to DarkDharma Avatar Isle is like spending a day at your favorite park. You won't find sales vendors here but, instead, a lushly landscaped, interactive island with over 10 themed areas containing 90+ detailed character avatar cutouts posed within each area. A great selection of character avatars can be found from pirates, to tykes, babies, fantasy, celebrities and senior citizens. The isle is interactive in that that many of the avatars can be clicked to hear an included sound file, and there are also ambience sound boxes within each area to play a song or sound sequence themed specifically to that area.
DarkDharma Daguerre joined SL in May 2004, but it wasn't until August 2004 that she began to sell avatars. Her first store was a small triangular building which she shared with products of Dream Daguerre and Demian Caldera at their home base in Benten. Soon outgrowing the little store, the isle tip land was purchased just across the way in Benten, and the first DarkDharma Avatar Isle opened in November 2004. The first avatar isle existed for about a year until, again, outgrowing the layout, and unable to purchase other surrounding land to expand, the new island in Dacia was born. DarkDharma Avatar Isle in both its past and current incarnations has been richly designed by Demian Caldera who spent weeks perfecting the landscape layout and arranging the different themed locales. Finally, the grand opening for the current DarkDharma Avatar Isle in Dacia took place on December 1, 2005.
Come, explore, enjoy the adventure, grab some of the freebies that abound here, try your luck at winning a free avatar, or simply take an interesting walk in the park. You won't leave disappointed! DarkDharma Daguerre's email:

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