1. To cause damage to another resident or an object.
  2. A parcel that has "Damage"/"Not Safe" enabled, which means residents can be harmed on that parcel. When entering a damage-enabled parcel a red heart icon along with the user's current health (in white, usually "100%") will appear at the top of the screen. Objects that have been scripted can become weapons and harm avatars. An avatar will also take damage if colliding harshly with an object (or the ground), even if that object is unscripted. Health is automatically regenerated over time and will be reset to "100%" if the avatar leaves the parcel. When an avatar's health reaches 0% it will "die" and be teleported to its home location.

Example LSL Script

  llSetDamage(50);//This will take off 50% when a avatar collides with the prim with this script in


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