Dani Riler is a resident of the teengrid on SL. He has a complex history in SL and has changed a lot of events through his time there.


Dani Riler was created in July,09 and it took three days for him to get out of Tutorial island after he got out he found nix bazar and took the idea of boxing items and selling them one month later. He started out as a scammer selling empty boxes to SecondLife starters. He eventually added the idea of putting objects into the boxes and raised enough money to buy a simple key-coded door (which was also discovered to be a freebie). Eventually he befriended Rosesalie Hall and an Army of the Sith Republic (ASR) member in an attempt to join ASR; he joined and became a trainee but was banned from Bannockburn after conflict arose[1]. After another month he raised enough money to make CFK of BK and invited three friends to his group (one of which was the one who gave Riler 30L for answering a question) he then invited LZero Fallen, his best friend in real life, to SL where they attacked ASR with pride and failed.


Riler created his first set of armour, a mark 0v2 type armour, then his second, better, mark 0v3, and finally his mark 0v4 type armour. These were all test at this point. He began to make an alliance with Praetos and finally declared war; at this point he had only 10 members in his group.


Riler has now finished his M1V1 type armour he has unofficially declared war on ASR. He is working on getting a steady supply of money and has currently 41 members and still growing.



  1. The Beginnings of CFK of BK

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