The Democratic Pragmatist Union (DPU) is dedicated to the following principles.

  • Freedom of speech and expression
  • Prudence in financial management and expansion
  • Persistence of the Projekt
  • The city government having an important role in the provision of civic improvements and services
  • The development of a service economy in Neualtenburg

DPU Platform 2006


The DPU proposes several initiatives to improve Neualtenburg

Constitutional and Legal reform

In order to ensure the long term survival of Neualtenburg, the city must alter its structures to minimize dependence on any one person, clarify the functioning of the government and its members. Accordingly,

A. The constitution should be changed to..... i. provide a clear mechanism for proposing and ratifying constitutional amendments ii. clearly set terms of office and election dates for the various branches of government

B. Legislation should be created to..... i. clarify and codify existing precedent regarding issues such as government members leaving Second Life temporarily or permanently during their terms of office, and the powers of various government entities. ii. ensure that all essential city functions (land management, website oversight, elections management, etc/.) are accessible to at least two real persons, to prevent a breakdown in government function due to the departure or incapacitation of a member of government.


The current financial structure of the city ensures the existence of Neualtenburg, but does not provide the city with a stable and adequate operating budget. Current proposals for commercial growth include the city operation of commercial space and its privatization. Current City/Private builds are partnerships in name only, usually consisting of nothing more than a waiver of covenant provisions for particular landowners. They provide no revenue to the city.

The DPU proposes:

New City-Private partnerships

In these partnerships, the city would, by reducing the purchase price and/or land fees for a private commercial developer, become a silent partner on the commercial venture. In exchange, the city would receive a percentage of gross revenues. The city would have the option to periodically renew or not renew the partnership based on the venture's ability to meet agreed upon revenue targets,

City Reserves

The city should hold in reserve sufficient funds to pay Neualtenburg's obligations to Linden Lab for one month. These funds should not be available for other purposes.


i. Addition of a second sim should be planned, but the actual purchase should be delayed until:

  • Existing bonds are retired.
  • Land purchase commitments from future residents of the sim or gifts provide up front funding for a substantial portion of the new sim startup costs.

ii. Residents of the new sim should be citizens of the projekt. Although the new sim may have local zoning boards, its artisans should be members of die Gilde and its residents should vote for members of the RA.

Members in Government

  • Aliasi Stonebender
  • Claude Desmoulins

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