Destiny was an estate owned by Emporer Spitteler. It was open to the public on the teen grid for a couple of years, before being sold to Fi Folland. Fi renamed the island to Krakatoa, and it is still in operation today. Destiny went through several periods of redesign, sometimes in order to match the season or holidays.

Notable Residents & Locations

Destiny was home to many notable TSL residents, including Defeated (Def) by Livi Beebe (who left after purchasing her own island), Nouvelle by Anna Normandy (who was in the process of purchasing her island), and Enchantames Showcase by Xadllas Bing (A showcase featuring various themed lands and builds based off of mostly Disney Theme Parks). It also housed both editions of House Asbr!nk, a popular hangout and home of resident Tanner Asbrink.

In the earlier era of Destiny, it was home to a club by the name of Eppos Gwinn, owned and opperated by Adriana Meek, Livi Beebe, Aiden Sawson, and Ashlee Cleanslate.

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