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DDV Parcel at Jessie

Aerial photo of the original DDV parcel at Jessie.

The Deutscher Demokratisher Volksstaat is a Second Life Military run by Skye Flaks and seconded by Chii Howl. It was officially founded in 2012. As of 2015, it currently still exists as loosely associated combat group with a small outpost at Jessie. As of July 2015, it is currently expanding its arsenal with the intention of opening either a larger outpost or a dedicated sim in addition to its location at Jessie. The DDV started as an idea by Skye Flaks during her time in Vanguard.

The theme of the DDV is based on communist East Germany, the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. Originally, it was a historically accurate version of the DDR, but later became a scifi-influenced alt history version of the nation that was more aggressive than the historical DDR, operated as a world power, and survived on into the near future. The last iteration of the DDV also introduced time travel elements and indicated that the nation's success was do to tampering with history.

The DDV has had a land presence on five occasions.

  • DDV Outer Heaven Outpost Build rezzed at a Sanbox

    Aerial view of Outer Heaven outpost build (rezzed at sandbox).

    The first of these occasions was at the mainland combat sim, Jessie, where DDV operated an outpost with a 1980s, period-style build of the Berlin wall and a block of East Berlin.
  • DDV Combat Continent Sim, Volksstaat

    Aerial View of Volksstaat.

    The second was when the DDV established an outpost on the original Combat Continent in the sim Outer Heaven. This build was an East German military outpost with scifi elements.
  • The third was when the DDV established its sim, Volksstaat, on the Combat Continent. This build was an East German styled scifi/cyberpunk military outpost located on one of the Chafarinas Islands in the Mediterranean.
  • DDV's Isolated Sim, Red Horizon

    Aerial view of Red Horizon.

    DDV's Second Jessie Outpost

    Aerial view of the current (2015), smaller parcel at Jessie.

    The fourth was when the DDV opened an isolated sim, Red Horizon. This build was a post-apocalyptic swamp wasteland with East German buildings, other elements of German history, temporal anomalies and derelict buildings. It was set in the German town of Wünsdorf, which according to DDV lore, was the site of temporal anomalies that caused massive destruction and time travel occurrences.
  • The fifth and current land location, is, again, at the mainland combat sim, Jessie. The DDV currently operates a smaller, 560 square meter, outpost parcel at Jessie. It is themed to fit the more science fiction variation of the DDV and includes tesla coil towers.

The DDV can also be found in other forms, outside of Second Life. The manyland location, East Germany, which can be found at, is a creation of Skye Flaks and operates as a DDV presence in the manyland game.

DDV in Manyland

View of DDV's manyland sim.

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