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Besides being another name for chat/communication, a dialog (short for dialog box or dialog window and another name for "popup" or "toaster" window) is a user interface (UI) element used throughout Second Life that has options for the user to choose from.

A dialog can appear on a resident's screen in the:

  • center, with a dark grey background:
    • Automatically replace existing attachments
    • Leave Busy Mode when paying a person or object
    • Setting Pay Object on object without money() script event
    • When loading transactions web page
    • When moving no-copy inventory from objects
    • When moving no-copy inventory from scripted objects
    • When paying a person or object in busy mode
    • After being logged out of SL due to idling/inactivity.
  • blue:
    • upper-right corner:
      • A grid-wide system message from a Linden
      • idling/inactivity
      • If scripted by an object, usually has several buttons (including an "Ignore" button which allows a resident to close the dialog without giving it any input).
      • receiving or paying money
    • Bottom right corner, usually indicating when a friend has logged on/off Second Life; see online status notification.


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