Disco Bayliss has been on the TG since June of 2006. He has had variety small companies that have not been official, but established L'Aperier, a furniture/prefab/household accessory company in 2007. His business partner was and is currently Chippychip94 Aji, who both own L'Aperier currently.

L'Aperier is currently located in Eutopia. The store itself offers prefabs under L$300, as well as various furniture sets at affordable costs. Past locations of L'Aperier included Oceanside Mall, Krakatoa, Epic, Eutopia, Esper, & Beau Monde.

There are no known alts of Disco Bayliss. His main and only account he uses is his original. There have been a few account that have been named after him, but not confirmed as him actually. These include Disco Pixie, Disco TopHat, and Disco Ofarrel.

Currently, L'Aperier is located in a designer block in Eutopia which includes people like Vaughan Vendetta, Jadey Kaos, Tate Bluebird, & Tallie Emms.

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